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Unique Regina Non-Profits that we Love.

October! The month of giving, feeling thankful, and being grateful for everything you have. So we decided to kick off this month by recognizing some pretty awesome people right here in our community. We put together a list (which doesn’t even begin to cover all of them) of 5 of our favourite Regina non-profits, what they are up to, and how you can help them out. Our community wouldn’t be the same without them, and we are very grateful for the work they are doing.

1. Creative Options Regina (COR)

Creative Options Regina was started in 2009 and has since been a passionate advocate in our community for adults with disabilities. At COR, they aren’t running “group homes,” they are simply supporting people in their own homes.

They’re a family at COR and it’s incredibly heartwarming to hear their stories. Find them on Instagram @CORuchoose to hear them for yourself.

2. Shine On Foundation

The Shine On Foundation aims to support families whose mom has been diagnosed with cancer. The organization supports the family financially in terms of treatment costs not covered by the government and helping them create positive, happy memories by sending them on a trip of their choice.

To keep up to date with with news, events, and stories of the families they have helped, follow them on Instagram @ShineOnFoundation.

3. CCRezQ

While a lot of non-profit’s operations came to a pause through the pandemic, local dog rescue CCrezq got busier. They had litter after litter that they took in, and they were adopting them just as fast. However, with the increased amount of litters came an extensive amount of vet bills. They did their best to fundraise by continuing on with their annual summer raffle and small in person events (with social distancing of course). This organization is helping so many pups get healthy and find the homes they deserve,

Find them on Instagram to keep up with all their latest pups available for adoption and to donate supplies they are in need of: @ccrezqsregina.

4. Build Love YQR.

Each year people in the community can nominate a family that they think is deserving of a home renovation. From there, Build Love chooses a family in need that is living with permanent non-typical challenges. With the help of community members with all different expertise, Build Love completely renovates their home for free to make their life easier and more functional.

2020 would have been their 3rd year making a family’s dream, reality. We look forward to 2021, when COVID has subsided, to see what the Build Love team can come up with. Follow them on Instagram to stay in the know of the 2021 project. @buildloveyqr.

5. Happy Mother Huggers.

Ending off with a bit of light heartedness. While not actually a non-profit, local duo Eddie and Mark, put their talent of hugging in action and created the cutest and most wholesome project. With the idea to simply spread more love in the community, the two created Happy Mother Huggers – a place where people can DM them and request they go give someone a hug. Adorable, I know. We could all use an extra hug every once and a while, and these two deliver them!

Find out more about them and when they’re delivering hugs next by following them on Instagram: @happymotherhuggers.


Stay tuned for Feeling Thankful: Part II.

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