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IT’S HERE – Swinging With the Stars 2021

Mark your calendars for October 2nd, 2021 because Regina’s best night out on the town is BACK!

Are you as excited as we are?! We hope so because we cannot wait to get back to in-person fundraising events. We have missed connecting with all of our wonderful Hope’s Home supporters.

If you’re new here –  Swinging With the Stars is our biggest fundraising event of the year. It is based off the popular TV show, Dancing With the Stars. We pair 8 of Regina’s most influential celebrities with a professional dancer where they compete for Judges Choice, while also raising money in their name to win “Crowd Favourite” as well. It’s a FUN, entertainment filled night – and one that’s a “can’t miss” in the city.

We can’t tell you too much just yet. But make sure you keep an eye out on our socials for all the announcements. Like revealing the dancers, early bird ticket opportunities, teaser videos and more. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

But wait – there is one thing we can tell you.
This year we are shaking things up and we are giving the public an opportunity to nominate people to dance this year! If you want to learn more about this and how to apply click here! 

Are you a company looking for a new sponsorship opportunity?
If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1000+ guests in attendance, it is sure to be great awareness for your company. We are so grateful for our sponsors and we do our absolute best to make sure you get great promotional opportunities in return. Please email us at for any questions or inquiries related to sponsorship opportunities.

We can’t wait to see you there on October 2nd!

Coffee fundraiser idea for nonprofits

Fundraiser Ideas for Non-Profits

Coffee for a Cause

Who doesn’t love coffee? Whether you take it iced, hot, sweet, or black – it’s a pretty universally loved beverage. Which makes it perfect for a fundraiser.

Hope’s Home has teamed up with a local cafe, Dr. Java’s in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan for the ultimate coffee fundraiser. Dr. Java’s roasts their own coffee beans and supports different local non-profits throughout the year. And of course the month of May is for us!! Hope’s Home!! Their coffee is hands down the best in the city so we know that everyone needs a bag.

There are two different bags, a medium roast, “Beautiful Day to Stay Home,” and a dark roast, “Fueling Hope.” They are $20.00/bag a portion of the proceeds goes to us.

Coffee Fundraiser - nonprofit ideas fundraiser ideas for non profits














How to purchase a bag?

If you’re from Prince Albert, you can simply head down to Dr. Java’s located at 425 15th St East to purchase a bag (or 4!). There are also bags available for purchase at our Early Learning & Childcare centre in Prince Albert. We take credit, cash, debit, or cheque at the centre!

Any Questions?

Contact Mickey at or give her a call at 306.960.7334!

Covid 19 vaccine

Getting our COVID-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 has not been a good time.

I’m sure everyone is exhausted, bored, stressed, and mad over yet another lockdown. This year has been tough on everyone, and for our staff it has meant isolated days spent in the house. Usually they are outside, spending time in the community, or attending events and activities. But since many of the kiddos are at a higher risk, they’ve had to be extra cautious with where they can go. So our staff had to get creative over the past year to try and find ways to still make the days fun and exciting. At times this has meant camping out in the backyard, taking up gardening, and scrolling through Pinterest for new craft ideas.

So it was a very exciting day that the mobile vaccine doc came to our Saskatoon home last week to vaccinate 28 of our staff!!

Covid Vaccine - health care workers

Vaccinated = Happier Days Ahead

Covid Vaccine - SaskatchewanThere was a very happy buzz at the house while everyone was getting vaccinated. We also had one of our kids get vaccinated as well!

Staff gathered on the front lawn in the sunshine and visited while distanced. Some had to bring their little ones and they took turns keeping an eye on them in their parents’ car when they went in for their shot. It was the first time the whole team had been together since last spring when we held an outdoor staff meeting 🙂🌞❤️

We know that there are brighter days ahead and we can’t wait for time when its finally safe to start enjoying our community again!!


event planning tips

5 Unique Event Planning Tips and Tricks

Event Planning isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to be fearless and passionate about your project and willing to put in the effort and the hours to make it happen! My name is Kelsey Stewart and I’m the lead event planner with Hope’s Home and have brought you events like Swinging with the Stars and the Speakeasy Soiree! As a non-profit, our events and fundraisers are integral to the operations of our organization; and therefore each event is planned with attention to detail and a ton of heart.

From large scale galas, to golf tournaments, to more intimate events, I have a bit of experience in everything! Throughout the years, I have learned many ideas and secrets of what can bring your event to the next level! Whether you are planning a fundraiser or a corporate event, I can guarantee that these 5 unique event planning tips and tricks will help your event surpass everyone’s expectations.

1. Give Early Bird Incentives.

    • Making special pricing for early bird tickets is a great way to get tickets sold fast! You can get a good idea of the “hype” behind your event if people want to buy tickets early. Ensure that the incentives you are providing are significant enough to convince your audience that it is worth it. And make sure that you are prepared to sell-out at that lowered price. You don’t want to undervalue your event at the early bird price and then end up selling-out and not hitting your targeted revenues for ticket sales! Balance is key.

2. Sell, Sell, Sell!event planning - theme ideas for fundraisers 1

    • Sell your target audience on why they should show up! You need to define what you are doing at the event that sets you apart and sells your tickets. Make sure in your promotional posts that you sell all that your event has to offer. Include information about unique features, added benefits to sponsorship levels, what comes with the ticket, etc.

3. Get Creative.

    •  You have to put time and effort into every little piece of your event. Experience matters!! Do some research in the sector and find out what is up and coming in the industry. Make it happen! Get away from the same old, same old. Find things that set your event apart from the rest! It could be in the food you serve, in the entertainment you book, or in the theme you choose for your event. There are so many opportunities for you to challenge your creativity – so get to it!

4. Pics, or it Didn’t Happen.

    • One of the best ways to measure the success of your event is if people want to share it! Make an event hashtag and use it to promote your event. Make sure that you repost any shares that use the hashtag to encourage more people to share their event photos!
    • Design your event so that it encourages interaction on social media. This could be by using a photo-booth, putting the hashtag on the event program, or a live twitter feed on a TV or screen!
    • Make sure your event is beautiful and unique. You need to create visual eye candy for your attendees. Little pieces of the event that are “shareable” will make your audience want to share it with their following!

event planning tips - table setup

5. Trust Your Vendors and Let Them do Their Thing!

    • These are the experts in the field! So lean on them. I love to meet with my vendors, tell them my vision for the event and then ask what crazy ideas they may have! They may be more up to date on industry trends, up and coming technology or maybe they just have a unique idea! This could be your decor rentals, entertainment or chef. It doesn’t matter what vendor it is – make sure you ask what they think and what ideas they have! It could take your event to the next level.
    • For my Regina readers, here are a couple vendors that I would trust with my life!

And there you have it! 5 event planning tips and tricks that are sure to elevate your fundraising or corporate event planning game. At the end of the day, it really comes down to having trust in the people you’re working with, letting your ideas run wild, and understanding that every detail is important. It’s been a weird time for event planners with  COVID-19 cancelling everything. But I am so excited for life to open up again so I can go all out on my next event for Hope’s Home.

Do you have any other tips you have found helpful in your event planning? Have any questions for me? I would love to hear it! Leave a comment down below or send us a message on Instagram!

Join in on our Hope the Hippo Fundraiser

#HopetheHippo is incredibly busy, running around Regina and Prince Albert collecting donations – do you want to join in on the fun?


**Update: Our Hope the Hippo fundraiser closed on December 23rd, 2020, raising a grand total of $58,350 for our organization!! Thank you so much to everyone who played along and got involved. We are beyond grateful.


We have received more support than we ever could have imagined for our Christmas fundraiser campaign. Everyone is having so much fun, meeting Hope, sending her to their friends, and learning more about organization!

Fundraiser ideas for non profits

As you can tell, our little purple hippo took a fall and had to be replaced with a new hippo – Hank the Hippo!! Everyone is loving him all the same.

Are you interested in making a donation to our #HopetheHippo Campaign?

Remember – all donations are being matched by Affinity Credit Union up to $25,000!!

To make a donation to the campaign:

  • Send an e-transfer to
  • Please include your contact and mailing information in the message box. This is so we can send you a charitable tax receipt!
    • Your full name
    • mailing address
    • email address
    • and phone number.

Thank you so much for following along so far – and we aren’t finished yet! To stay up to date on where Hope the Hippo is that day, make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Be On the Lookout for Hope the Hippo

Hope the Hippo is on the loose going around Regina and Prince Albert spreading Christmas cheer! Have you spotted her?

We are asking for the public’s help in catching Hope. If you see her around your neighborhood, take a picture with her, post it on your social media with the hashtag #HopetheHippo and tag @Hopeshomeinc.

Watch the video below to see Hope the Hippo in action running around the city!

When Hope the Hippo lands on someone’s lawn, they will have the chance to donate to Hope’s Home to get the Hippo moved, and if they donate even more, they can choose where they would like Hope moved next!

We also have an amazing partner for this campaign. A huge thank you to Affinity Credit Union for matching all donations made up to $25,000. We are truly so blessed to have such an amazing corporate partner.

With the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations at Hope’s Home, we are looking forward to spreading some joy through this campaign and raise vital funds for our children. Thank you for your support now and always.

We hope you play along with our Christmas fundraiser. We can’t wait to see your pictures!

Thanksgiving Celebrations at Supportive Living

Thanksgiving is meant for family, and that’s what we are at Supportive Living.

Our Supportive Living locations across the province enjoyed some quality family time this Thanksgiving. They took in the last of the fall season going for walks around the river and in their neighborhoods, ate good food, got crafty, and carved some pumpkins.

There is so much to be thankful for. But especially during this time, we are so thankful for the health of our kids and that we are still able to spend time together during the holidays; embracing every moment and appreciating all the joy that can come from the little things.

thanksgiving festivities Hope's Home 3 Hope's Home donation Regina thanksgiving festivities Hope's Home crafts5 1 Thanksgiving festivities - Hope's Home

Happy Thanksgiving – a message from our CEO.

Feeling Thankful Part II: Our CEO, Jacque Tisher, takes us through what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend:


Jacque Tisher

Each morning I want to wake up with intention and purpose.  Opening my eyes to the sun shining, the beauty of a fall day, and I smile with a grateful heart.  Life is sometimes very challenging.  As people, we face each morning with personal expectation for our life.  The expectations fill our heart with joy, excitement, or some days even worry or sadness.  Our human experiences may be filled with wonderful, warm memories of our childhood or grief over the loss of loved ones. We may experience intense love, uncertainty, fear, wonder, and hope.  I am thankful for each of these emotions and experiences.  These experiences make us human – they make us real.

Even in our world of uncertainty there is much to be Thankful for. We may not be able to control the world around us – COVID, illness of a family member, politics, the weather. Yet in all of this, we can choose how to respond. Today, I wake up and choose Thankfulness.

I am so THANKFUL for the incredible love of my family. I am thankful for the love of my life. I am thankful for the memories of the people I love that have gone before us. I am thankful for the people in my world who have made a difference in my life – you make me smile. I am thankful for the many amazing memories made with my friends and look forward to making many more. I am thankful for today and the incredible beauty of each breath. I am thankful for the feelings I get to experience that remind me I am alive.  I am thankful for each smile and every tear. I am thankful for tomorrow and the journey God has me on. It isn’t easy. It isn’t perfect. Yet I am thankful for each moment in it.

This Thanksgiving Day, I wake up in anticipation, expectation, and thankfulness for the future. With a grateful heart I will embrace the magic of each moment and cherish the memories yet to be made.

With a grateful heart – Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You!


Jacque Tisher.

CEO & Founder


Hey Hope’s Homies,

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Side x Side Poster (1)

hope's home charity golf tournament (1)

Fundraising Through a Pandemic – Charity Golf Tournament

After cancelling our biggest fundraiser of the year and seeing a decline in revenue and donations over the past 5 months – we were so thankful to start fundraising again.

On August 7th, we put on our 7th Annual Hope’s Home Charity Golf Tournament in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We are so proud to announce that even with all the complications and limitations of COVID-19, we still managed to raise $14,000 for our organization.

We were grateful to have Malcolm Jenkins of Canadian Tire Prince Albert back on as our title sponsor. Malcolm continues to be a huge supporter of Hope’s Home year after year. He continually comes back for our golf tournament and this year also took on title sponsor at Swinging With the Stars Prince Albert.

Our day started bright and early with the sun shining down. It was a beautiful day to get together and support Hope’s Home. Not to mention it was so nice to see everyone’s faces again!

Our teams came in full spirit and got dressed up in matching uniforms (How awesome are these shirts?!).  We loved seeing all the creativity they put in to it. Throughout the day, we played fun mini games at each hole, raffled off a side x side, had a chance to win prizes from our amazing sponsors, and got to finish the day off with an incredible steak supper from Kachur’s Golf Club.

hopes home donate prince albert

The day was an absolute BLAST and a huge success. We are very grateful we were able to continue on with one of our favourite weekends of the year. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers for making our 7th Annual Golf Tournament one to remember! We can’t wait to see you all out for the 2021 tournament!


That’s why there is no place like Hope. ❤️