Happy Thanksgiving – a message from our CEO.

Feeling Thankful Part II: Our CEO, Jacque Tisher, takes us through what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend:


Jacque Tisher

Each morning I want to wake up with intention and purpose.  Opening my eyes to the sun shining, the beauty of a fall day, and I smile with a grateful heart.  Life is sometimes very challenging.  As people, we face each morning with personal expectation for our life.  The expectations fill our heart with joy, excitement, or some days even worry or sadness.  Our human experiences may be filled with wonderful, warm memories of our childhood or grief over the loss of loved ones. We may experience intense love, uncertainty, fear, wonder, and hope.  I am thankful for each of these emotions and experiences.  These experiences make us human – they make us real.

Even in our world of uncertainty there is much to be Thankful for. We may not be able to control the world around us – COVID, illness of a family member, politics, the weather. Yet in all of this, we can choose how to respond. Today, I wake up and choose Thankfulness.

I am so THANKFUL for the incredible love of my family. I am thankful for the love of my life. I am thankful for the memories of the people I love that have gone before us. I am thankful for the people in my world who have made a difference in my life – you make me smile. I am thankful for the many amazing memories made with my friends and look forward to making many more. I am thankful for today and the incredible beauty of each breath. I am thankful for the feelings I get to experience that remind me I am alive.  I am thankful for each smile and every tear. I am thankful for tomorrow and the journey God has me on. It isn’t easy. It isn’t perfect. Yet I am thankful for each moment in it.

This Thanksgiving Day, I wake up in anticipation, expectation, and thankfulness for the future. With a grateful heart I will embrace the magic of each moment and cherish the memories yet to be made.

With a grateful heart – Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You!


Jacque Tisher.

CEO & Founder

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