Covid-19, Resources You Can Use!

We are very blessed to work with an incredibly strong, talented and driven team at Hope’s Home. This team has been working tirelessly to provide provincial leadership for our organization and support our staff through the on-going changes the Covid-19 pandemic has made necessary. Hope’s Home is honoured to take a leading role in providing childcare to Essential Services families as mandated by the Saskatchewan government. With this, comes a lot of responsibility to continue to provide a clean and safe environment where all children can learn and play. We have put policies and procedures in place to ensure we can do this – and we want to share our hard work! Please browse through the below links to find downloadable files you can utilize, whether you are another childcare centre, or just a family who is now all at home needing to educate your children. Wishing you all the best in safety and health!



Before Entering Our Building

Hand Washing Poster

STOP – Have you been Screened?

Isolation Room Poster

STAFF ONLY Washroom Poster

Stay Out of Kitchen Poster

Resources for your Children:

Social Story about Covid19

Web Links for Covid19 Info

How to talk about Illness to Children

Why is School Closing?

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