What is a parent advisory committee_

What is a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)?

Here are 5 short and frequently asked questions about Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) at Hope’s Home.

1. What is a Parent Advisory Committee?

Each Early Learning and Childcare Centre has a PAC which is comprised of the parent(s)/caregiver(s) of the children who attend the centre. For Hope’s Home, PACs are required by The Child Care Act. Meetings are held every 2 months, where parents have an opportunity to share their perspectives and offer suggestions.

2. Why is a Parent Advisory Committee Important?

The PAC is designed to ensure that the parents are provided with an opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and share suggestions to Hope’s Home. This allows parents to have a voice in the decision making process for the childcare they are paying for. It also helps Hope’s Home gain a fresh perspective and listen to concerns it might not otherwise hear.

3. How is a Parent Advisory Committee different than a Board of Directors?

Parents have a primary role in ensuring the well-being and positive developmental experiences of their children. The PAC represents the voice of the parents in the decision making process, whereas the Board of Director’s authority is more focused on centre operations.

4. As a parent of a child who attends, or is going to attend, Hope’s Home – is joining the Parent Advisory Committee mandatory?

We understand that people have busy schedules and other priorities, so it is not mandatory. We do however, greatly encourage all parents and guardians to join. Parent involvement is extremely valued and important to Hope’s Home. Your opinion matters and parents deserve to have a say in a service they are paying for! 

5. How do I join my PAC?

Joining your PAC is easy! Simply send an email to your centre (listed below) or chat with your location manager or Admin the next time you are at the centre. They will be happy to help you and give you more information specific to your committee.

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