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Project Approach Model – Learning new Languages

At Hope’s Home, we pride ourselves in helping to raise kids who embrace diversity. So our Prince Albert staff were happy to create a learning opportunity about it using the Project Approach Model.

What is the Project Approach?

  • A project is an in-depth investigation on topic the kids have shown interest in, and is therefore worth learning more about.
  • If the kids ask a question about a certain topic, the educator can create a project allowing the kids to find the answers themselves.
  • This approach is based on the idea of “learning by doing”.
  • The educator is there to supervise, observe, and learn alongside the children, but the kids do the learning themselves.

Here’s an example of how our ECE’s used this model recently:

The other day a few of our kids at our Prince Albert centre were asking their Auntie Harman (All our staff at Hope’s Home are referred to as Aunty or Uncle) about her Hindi language and asked to be taught some words.

accepting diversity

Then on a walk through the park, they noticed that some signs were also written in Cree – another one added to the list.

We have a few friends in our centre who use sign language, so that was also naturally added. And because 3 languages wasn’t enough – French and Spanish were added as there are a couple emersion kiddos.

learning sign language

learning new languages









Following this Project Approach Model where the ECE’s program plans come from the kids’ questions and curiosity, it ensures that we will have engaged kiddos the entirety of the project. It’s a win-win for everyone!

What language do you think they should start next?


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️


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