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Hill JDC West to the Rescue

We’ve had a tough go lately, but thankfully we have amazing supporters to help us out in a time of need.

Between COVID -19 causing daycare closures, the stress of new policies needing to be put into effect, and taking a hit to fundraising opportunities, our organization has been pushed to its limits. But fortunately, we are in a generous and compassionate community, filled with people always willing to help out.

JDC West, a group out of the University of Regina Hill School of Business, has been a long time supporter of Hope’s Home. Each year they plan third party fundraisers for us and donate their time to volunteer.

This year they were unable to put on their Chillin’ for Charity event with COVID-19 restrictions. So instead, they altered their plans and put on a bottle drive for us this summer and are now in the middle of a Virtual Raffle filled with donations from local businesses such as Dandy’s Artesian Ice Cream, Me + You Handmade, Uforia Muse, and so many more!! If you are interested in checking out their raffle packages, check out their Instagram or Facebook page. You can also click this link, to purchase tickets!! All ticket sales go directly back to our organization.

You think that’s a lot of support? It doesn’t stop there. This week, a car drove through the front yard fence at our Regina Supportive Living home. Within minutes of reaching out to JDC, they had rounded up volunteers, a truck, and a plan and were ready to clean up the mess the very next day!!

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We honestly can’t say enough good things about the amazing folks over at Hill JDC West. Their kindness and generosity towards Hope’s Home is so appreciated. Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone over there and for everything you do to help our kiddos.

hopes home volunteers

That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️

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