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Being a Part of the Best Day of Their Life

Making our kids’ dreams come true is one of the best parts of our job. 

Many of the kids that live with us at Supportive Living have a life threatening condition – and are therefore eligible to be a granted a wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Nothing compares to that smile on their face every time their wish is granted. And getting to be a part of such a monumental moment in their life never ceases to be incredible. However, since COVID-19 hit, wishes had to be postponed with travel restrictions getting in the way of many wishes.

However, we have one kiddo in our Prince Albert location who had an item wish list instead of a travel wish list. This little man loves sensory play and responds well to different lights, textures, and music. This wheelchair specific tent offers different sections of colours, along with the tactile stimulation of having the pieces hanging down. The tent is great because it can be used both outdoors and indoors.

And since sharing is caring – each of our Supportive Living kiddos had a chance to go through the tent. Everyone loved it!

Make-a-wish granted 2 Make-a-wish granted


















This tent was just one of the many sensory items he received – we now have an entire sensory themed room! We know he will get so much use out of these items. It makes us incredibly grateful for Make-A-Wish.

4/7 of our kiddos have already had their wishes granted, while the other 3 are waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted. We can’t wait to be a part of all the joy and happiness when those get granted too.


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️


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