A few days before Christmas, the manager of one of our homes reached out and asked if we could put an ask on social media for Santa to swing by if he had the time. Many of the children in our homes aren’t able to go out to see Santa, and they didn’t want them missing out. Hoping for the best, we put up a post and waited to hear the response. SO MANY of you responded, we could barely keep up! We could have had a line of Santa and his helpers!

Thank you so much to Southern Sask Santa and Mrs. Claus for making this a Christmas to remember. Being able to see the joy written all over their faces is everything we could have asked for this year.

As the responses began to pour in that day, we were reminded of just how much people want to make a difference. To see strangers be so invested in making sure that these kids got to see Santa this year was beyond incredible. We know that the holidays aren’t an easy time for everyone, and it means so much to us that each person would drop whatever they were dealing with to make a child smile. ♥

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!