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One of our most commonly asked questions is “Where does my donation go?”

Our fundraised dollars are vital to the operation of our non-profit organization and ensure that all locations across Saskatchewan get proper resources. It helps improve our programming and allows us to provide a completely inclusive environment to our kids. As generous donors, you deserve complete transparency when you donate to a non-profit.

Below are the most common areas where our fundraised dollars are allocated:

Nursing Costs

Because of the nature of our organization, nursing salaries attribute to a large part of our operational costs. Fundraised dollars help us staff more nurses across the province in order to provide high quality health and safety for all children in attendance.

complex medical needs

Classroom Supplies

Classroom supplies include items such as area rugs, books, shelving, puzzles, and art supplies. Having money allocated for classroom supplies allows our ECE’s to create projects based on topics the kids have expressed interest in to keep up with their growth and development.

donations regina

Sensory Equipment

Sensory equipment helps calm and focus children so that they can better participate in learning and activities, and also help children work towards personal goals in specific areas of development. Some examples of this equipment include bubble tubes, light or water tables, switches, adaptive seating, and sensory boards.

sensory play - daycare

Community Involvement

Fundraised dollars also goes towards getting our kids out and involved in their community. Costs are associated in order to explore our community which may include entrance/program fees, activity supplies, and transportation costs. There are a variety of activities and outings children can be involved in, such as the below where our children got to meet and play with Saskatchewan RoughRiders players.

community involvement

Where to Donate?

If you are interesting in donating to Hope’s Home and helping fund these areas, you can click here. We appreciate each and every donor. Without them, we would not be able to provide these kids with the care and development that they deserve.


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️