Fun, Science Based Early Childhood Education Ideas

frog life cycle ece idea

Learning About the Frog Life Cycle at Daycare

Spring time is finally here in Saskatchewan and our Early Learning & Childcare centres are so excited for warmer days spent outdoors with the kiddos. The blooming trees and green grass have sparked creativity in our early childhood educators and they have so many new project approach ideas. This one in particular comes from our centre in Prince Albert, where Auntie Harpreet set up a whole project to teach her kiddos about the frog life cycle – including watching them grow from just eggs! How cool!

Our ECE, Harpreet, did a great job setting up different stations to explore different parts of the frog life cycle. She set up tools such as flashlights and magnifying glasses so the kiddos could get a better look at what was going on. She also found books on frogs to compliment the learning in a different medium. Her poster boards use pictures and descriptions to help the kids understand the process and provide opportunities for discussion.

Using different methods of learning (hands on activities, books, and observation) helps keep the kids engaged and focused on the project. It’s also great so that the project can be tailored to each child’s learning preference.

4 Benefits to including science based projects in early childhood education.

  1. Creates an opportunity for children to explore and find answers together, practicing teamwork and communication skills.
  2. It invites curiosity and questions, and may lead to further exploration.
  3. It encourages children to record their observations – writing, drawing, or taking photographs are all great skills to practice. ( 10 Tips to Support Children’s Science Learning | NAEYC)
  4. Children are hands-on learners, and the world around them provides so many natural opportunities. (How to Teach Kids Science and Why It’s Important – Learning Liftoff)

Learning Opportunities at Daycare.

We love finding new ways to engage and educate the children in our care – and Harpreet did a fantastic job at setting up this project from start to finish. Finding the right balance between educational opportunities and FUN is the best way for the kids to learn. Never underestimate the power of play and following the children’s own curiosity. Their interests are the best place to start when brainstorming project ideas and activities.

Do you have any other tips on project approach ideas or science based learning activities? Let us know in the comments!