Hope’s Home partners with like-minded organizations that believe in making a difference in our communities. The Mosaic Company has supported Hope’s Home for the past 6 years and recently committed $150,000 in funding to the new Saskatoon center to build inclusive classrooms.

“We are genuinely grateful for this amazing gift to help the most vulnerable kids in Saskatoon. We thank Mosaic for their generosity and support through the years and their commitment to support infant and pediatric healthcare in our province,” said Jacqueline Tisher, Founder and CEO of Hope’s Home.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Hope’s Home in Saskatchewan,” says Mosaic’s Director of Government and Public Affairs, Marnel Jones. “This is a life-changing project for families seeking medically inclusive child care in Saskatoon. The project also comes at a time when child care is in high demand across the province and is a welcomed and needed addition.”

The new Saskatoon location will feature eight inclusive classrooms where all kids can learn, develop and create meaningful interactions with one another. Each classroom will have areas for arts and crafts, storytime, nap areas and open play areas designed to improve a child’s developmental skills. Classrooms will also feature adaptive equipment providing an inclusive environment for all children to play and learn together.

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