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Surprising our homes with NEW Accessible Vans

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IT’S HERE – Swinging With the Stars 2021

Mark your calendars for October 2nd, 2021 because Regina’s best night out on the town is BACK!

Are you as excited as we are?! We hope so because we cannot wait to get back to in-person fundraising events. We have missed connecting with all of our wonderful Hope’s Home supporters.

If you’re new here –  Swinging With the Stars is our biggest fundraising event of the year. It is based off the popular TV show, Dancing With the Stars. We pair 8 of Regina’s most influential celebrities with a professional dancer where they compete for Judges Choice, while also raising money in their name to win “Crowd Favourite” as well. It’s a FUN, entertainment filled night – and one that’s a “can’t miss” in the city.

We can’t tell you too much just yet. But make sure you keep an eye out on our socials for all the announcements. Like revealing the dancers, early bird ticket opportunities, teaser videos and more. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

But wait – there is one thing we can tell you.
This year we are shaking things up and we are giving the public an opportunity to nominate people to dance this year! If you want to learn more about this and how to apply click here! 

Are you a company looking for a new sponsorship opportunity?
If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1000+ guests in attendance, it is sure to be great awareness for your company. We are so grateful for our sponsors and we do our absolute best to make sure you get great promotional opportunities in return. Please email us at for any questions or inquiries related to sponsorship opportunities.

We can’t wait to see you there on October 2nd!

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Fun Science Based Early Childhood Education Ideas

childcare Regina virtual tours

Virtual Tours of our Regina Daycare Centres

Curious about childcare at Hope’s Home?

Take a look at just how amazing our Early Learning & Childcare centres really are. Our centres follow the Reggio Emilia curriculum and our environments reflect that. We love open-ended activities and toys for our kiddos and setting up displays and learning activities that contribute to the Project Approach.

Each centre is designed to be completely inclusive for all children, regardless of any complex medical or developmental need they have.

Regina South Early Learning & Childcare Centre

Regina North Early Learning & Childcare Centre


If you have any questions regarding the daycare centre or want more information about availability, please contact your local centre:

daycare regina childcare saskatchewan

Meet our Daycare Managers

A team of inspiring and hard working leaders.

Our daycare managers are like family. Each of them have been with Hope’s Home for long enough to have seen our little organization grow across the province, and have stuck with us through all the changes we have faced. From moving centres, opening new ones, to experiencing changes in leadership and structure; these four managers have been a constant. We are so lucky to have people who are passionate about the work Hope’s Home is doing for our communities and their unwavering support to help out wherever we need them.

So before we ramble too much, meet our daycare managers.

Aimee Depko – Regina South

daycare regina - aimee

Aimee has been with Hope’s Home for almost 12 years! She’s watched Hope’s Home expand throughout the province and she’s been with us through multiple moves in Regina alone. Her passion for working with children of all abilities and backgrounds is what has kept her at Hope’s Home for all these years.
In her down time you can often find her working hard to make special themed cakes for her son, nieces’ and nephew’s birthday. Halloween is one of Aimee’s favourite times of the year. From September to November you will find her house completely decked out for the season. And you know she is coming to the centre in a costume for dress up day! 🎃

Victoria Hopkins – Warman

daycare warman - victoria

Victoria obtained their Early Childhood Diploma in 2009, and since has had a ton of experience in the world of early childhood education and diverse needs. Victoria has held multiple roles at Hope’s Home, first being an ECE, Developmental Worker, and Rec Programmer before accepting their current position as Pedagogical Leader at our EL&C centre in Warman.

In their spare time, Victoria enjoys crocheting, painting, hiking, and spending time at the beach. In 2018, they drove across Canada from coast to coast, spending a ton of time outdoors exploring, hiking, and experiencing all that Canada has to offer! Victoria also has two adorable kittens, Remington and Louis Lane 🥰


Ashley Valentine – Regina North

daycare regina - ashley

Ashley graduated with her Early Childhood Education Diploma in 2010 and during the course of her schooling, did a practicum at Hope’s Home in the toddler room where she fell in love with the vision and dream of the Hope’s Home family. From that point on, she decided to pursue a career that focused on supporting individuals with diverse needs. She started as an Early Childhood Educator at Hope’s Home in 2011 where she held various positions within the organization including an ECE, Recreation Programmer, and a temporary maternity leave position on the Provincial Team. She is now the Pedagogical Leader (Location Manager) at the Regina North Early Learning & Childcare Centre.
In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes two step kids and her own little guy. They spend a lot of time outside exploring, visiting with family and friends (pre-pandemic of course), and having family movie nights. When she has time to herself she loves walking, reading, camping, and painting.


Kristy Thompson – Prince Albert

daycare prince albert - kristy

Kristy’s Hope’s Home  journey began in 2013 as the Physical Development Consultant in Prince Albert, SK. She graduated with a B.Sc. Kinesiology Degree, eventually leading her to Hope’s Home, where she met some of the most wonderful staff and had the privilege of working with so many amazing children and parents.

In 2019 she stepped into some pretty huge shoes as the Early Learning & Childcare Manager at our Prince Albert location. She is so grateful for her Hope’s Home Family as they helped her through this crazy year of change and learning. Kristy is a leader who values her team and goes out of her way to make sure they know that.
When it comes to leisure time, Kristy can be a bit competitive, she loves a challenge.  She’s been a sport-junky all her life and still enjoys Rec volleyball nights, golfing, the odd curling bonspiel, and pretty much anything that involves a little competition. She love to read and of course, enjoy spending time with her family, especially when it’s outside.

Thank you isn’t enough.

It’s a really good feeling when you have had staff stick around this long. It reminds us that Hope’s Home means something special to our community and that what we are doing is truly making a difference.

Our (not so) little organization would not be the same without these four, and we really can’t thank them enough for all they have done for Hope’s Home and the kiddos they care for. All we can do is keep making sure they feel loved and valued (because they really, really are) and hope they stick around for another ten years or so. 🙂

That’s why there is no place like Hope.

Coffee fundraiser idea for nonprofits

Fundraiser Ideas for Non-Profits

Coffee for a Cause

Who doesn’t love coffee? Whether you take it iced, hot, sweet, or black – it’s a pretty universally loved beverage. Which makes it perfect for a fundraiser.

Hope’s Home has teamed up with a local cafe, Dr. Java’s in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan for the ultimate coffee fundraiser. Dr. Java’s roasts their own coffee beans and supports different local non-profits throughout the year. And of course the month of May is for us!! Hope’s Home!! Their coffee is hands down the best in the city so we know that everyone needs a bag.

There are two different bags, a medium roast, “Beautiful Day to Stay Home,” and a dark roast, “Fueling Hope.” They are $20.00/bag a portion of the proceeds goes to us.

Coffee Fundraiser - nonprofit ideas fundraiser ideas for non profits














How to purchase a bag?

If you’re from Prince Albert, you can simply head down to Dr. Java’s located at 425 15th St East to purchase a bag (or 4!). There are also bags available for purchase at our Early Learning & Childcare centre in Prince Albert. We take credit, cash, debit, or cheque at the centre!

Any Questions?

Contact Mickey at or give her a call at 306.960.7334!

Magnetic Fishing - early childhood education ideas

Magnetic Fishing – Early Childhood Education Ideas

Child Initiated Play is part of our daily routine at daycare.

Hope’s Home encourages the use of imagination and creativity. That is why our environments are set up to be open-ended activities so that the children have the freedom to explore and do as they please. Our Early Childhood Educators are amazing at coming up with new and creative ways to let the children explore their own interests and curiosity, and we love sharing those child initiated play and project approach ideas. We are huge advocates for the Reggio Emilia model and want to help other Early Childhood Educators by providing them with inspiration.

So, what exactly is child initiated play?

According to Early Years Careers, it supports children in having ideas and being in control of their learning. It enables them to learn through first-hand experiences, allowing them to choose how to use the resources to do so.

Magnetic Fishing Activity

In this example of child initiated play, these two girls have gone fishing. Out of all of the toys in the room they chose the fishing poles and magnetic letters and fish. Each has a pole dangling a magnet above the letters. Several seconds and no fish have been caught. So they take turns hooking a fish or letter onto the end of the other’s line.

ideas for eces - team work activity early childhood education ideas - magentic fishing













What are they learning through this activity?

  • They are learning muscle control as they hold and guide the fishing rods and try to match the magnet on the end to a letter or fish. Picking up the items with their fingers requires fine motor control.
  • They are learning letter recognition and pre-reading skills. Being introduced to letters in multiple formats throughout the day and giving the children a chance to experience them in many different ways, helps children practice what they’ve learned during Circle Times.
  • They are learning to cooperate and work together. Social skills are practiced through taking turns, helping each other, and talking out what they are doing.  Allowing children to play in pairs or smaller groups provides opportunities for children to build relationships with each other.

Turning play into a learning opportunity.

Activities like this can bring out questions and curiosities, leading to projects and deeper learning opportunities. For example, if the children are showing interest in the letters, pointing out what letter their name starts with could lead to talking about all of the letters in their name; and eventually into an interest in spelling and writing. Or the children could observe how the magnet picks up the letter by “sticking” to it. They may try to stick the magnet to other toys and surfaces in the room, exploring the properties of a magnet.

We love sharing our ideas just as much as we love hearing new ideas.

Do you have any fun and unique early childhood education ideas? Make sure you leave a comment down below! Childhood development is such an important part of their life and by sharing ideas we can improve our skills as ECEs to help our kids.

Covid 19 vaccine

Getting our COVID-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 has not been a good time.

I’m sure everyone is exhausted, bored, stressed, and mad over yet another lockdown. This year has been tough on everyone, and for our staff it has meant isolated days spent in the house. Usually they are outside, spending time in the community, or attending events and activities. But since many of the kiddos are at a higher risk, they’ve had to be extra cautious with where they can go. So our staff had to get creative over the past year to try and find ways to still make the days fun and exciting. At times this has meant camping out in the backyard, taking up gardening, and scrolling through Pinterest for new craft ideas.

So it was a very exciting day that the mobile vaccine doc came to our Saskatoon home last week to vaccinate 28 of our staff!!

Covid Vaccine - health care workers

Vaccinated = Happier Days Ahead

Covid Vaccine - SaskatchewanThere was a very happy buzz at the house while everyone was getting vaccinated. We also had one of our kids get vaccinated as well!

Staff gathered on the front lawn in the sunshine and visited while distanced. Some had to bring their little ones and they took turns keeping an eye on them in their parents’ car when they went in for their shot. It was the first time the whole team had been together since last spring when we held an outdoor staff meeting 🙂🌞❤️

We know that there are brighter days ahead and we can’t wait for time when its finally safe to start enjoying our community again!!


Interested in Equipment

Learning about Adaptive Equipment – Play and Exploration

Creating an integrated and inclusive daycare environment through play and exploration.

When you walk into Hope’s Home, it will at first look like every other daycare in the city. There will be kids laughing and playing, Early Childhood Educators reading stories, a Nutrition Specialist cooking up a healthy lunch, and of course the loud noises of a childcare centre. But then you will look a little closer and notice some things that are a bit different. There is a cozy, quiet little room filled with sensory items, a ceiling track lift running throughout the daycare, a nurse providing medical care to a little kiddo with a feeding tube, and a Physical Development Consultant helping another kiddo into their standing frame.

The kids who attend our Early Learning & Childcare centres grow up seeing these things everyday; so to them, it’s just another day at daycare. But sometimes, curiosity gets the best of them (as it should) and they have a million questions. Last week was one of those times where they were extra curious about the different types of equipment their friends use and what exactly it all does; and our staff jumped at this chance to help them better understand.

Our amazing staff created hands on opportunities for the kids to try the equipment out for themselves. The kiddos were able to sit in Activity Chairs and take a ride on the Ceiling Track Lift. This showed them how the different equipment helps their friends be able to play and explore just like they do.

Learning about adaptive equipment - the project approach project approach - ece ideas for children with disabilities













They learned that a wheelchair is just another way to move around, just like walking! And they learned that a ceiling track lift is just another way to get to the bathroom, just like getting a piggyback ride! They realize that all of these things that may seem different or unusual to them, are actually just ways for their friends to be able to do all the things that they do!

Not only is it our goal to create a safe place for children with complex medical or developmental needs, but we also want it to be a place where typically developing children grow up to be compassionate ally’s to their friends with disabilities. Encouraging curiosity, answering questions, and demonstrating differences, is big part of how we achieve our goal everyday. Activities like this help to to normalize the differences between the typically developing kids and the children who experience a disability. This is how we truly create an inclusive and integrated childcare experience.

That’s why there is no place like Hope.


No More Chemo – A Daycare Celebration

For half her life, Callie’s weekly routine has consisted of a round of chemo.

The reality of Hope’s Home is sometimes things don’t always go the way we would like them too. There are times when we are crying by hospital beds, being a pillar of support for a family going through a tough time, and saying our last “I love you’s” to a kiddo who has been with us since they were a baby. So when that can be our reality, we have to make sure we take advantage of all the small and large victories that happen too. And Callie finishing off her 70th round of chemo was one of those things we had to go all out for.

childcare - hope's home warman

At 10 months old, Callie had complications which made her unable to eat food; and she has since been exclusively tube fed ever since. And it was just a short 5 months later that Callie received the news that the doctors found a tumor in her brain. And although the tumor was not cancerous, it didn’t mean there wasn’t a long road ahead for her. A week after they found it, Callie underwent brain surgery, but the surgeons weren’t able to remove all of it. So they moved on to the next option, which would end up being 70 rounds of chemo in 70 weeks.

no more chemo - hope's home

The door the centre decorated for Callie’s party

Callie has had quite the journey in her little life; and although it’s been hard, she’s also had some victories. In December 2019, Callie finally began eating food!! At daycare, Callie’s friends were encouraging for her, and slowly but surely she began trying a couple bites here and there. Callie has now tried so many different foods she even has a couple favourites. This was a huge milestone for Callie and her family because it meant she was one step closer to no longer being tube-fed.

On Tuesday, the day after Callie’s last round of chemo, our staff and kiddos went all out for a chemo-free celebration party. They decorated the centre, had a dance party, played with balloons (a crowd favourite), and had a snack of some of Callie’s favourite: cheezies and popcorn twists. (She likes cheezies so much her mom calls her the “Cheezy Queen”)

complex medical needs - hope's home hope's home complex medical needs daycare


We were so excited to throw this party for Callie. She is the sweetest, strongest little girl. Having her at Hope’s Home has been such a blessing and knowing that she will be coming to daycare tumor free from now on brings all of us so much joy. We love you Callie.


That’s why there is no place like Hope.