Meet Anderson

 At the age of four, Anderson’s world is a vibrant mosaic adorned with the delights of trucks, cars, music, bubbles, balls, and dancing. Anderson’s laughter echoes through the hallways of Hope’s Home as he revels in the simple joys of playing outside on the swing and slide or riding the elevator with his beloved aunties. […]

Meet Blake

Blake is an energetic five-year-old who is a delightful mix of charm and sass. Her zest for life shines through in her favourite activities: colouring, playing with Barbies and dolls, and dancing. Blake’s independent streak is clear for all to see, a trait she likely inherited from her mom. Blake lives with Spina Bifida, a […]

Meet Grace

Grace, a two-year-old with a heart full of resilience, born with Klippel-Feil Syndrome Type 4, had faced a tough start to life, spending her early days at the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital due to complex medical needs. Hope’s Home has been home for Grace since 2023. Hope’s Home is more than just a place; it […]