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Meet our Daycare Managers

A team of inspiring and hard working leaders.

Our daycare managers are like family. Each of them have been with Hope’s Home for long enough to have seen our little organization grow across the province, and have stuck with us through all the changes we have faced. From moving centres, opening new ones, to experiencing changes in leadership and structure; these four managers have been a constant. We are so lucky to have people who are passionate about the work Hope’s Home is doing for our communities and their unwavering support to help out wherever we need them.

So before we ramble too much, meet our daycare managers.

Aimee Depko – Regina South

daycare regina - aimee

Aimee has been with Hope’s Home for almost 12 years! She’s watched Hope’s Home expand throughout the province and she’s been with us through multiple moves in Regina alone. Her passion for working with children of all abilities and backgrounds is what has kept her at Hope’s Home for all these years.
In her down time you can often find her working hard to make special themed cakes for her son, nieces’ and nephew’s birthday. Halloween is one of Aimee’s favourite times of the year. From September to November you will find her house completely decked out for the season. And you know she is coming to the centre in a costume for dress up day! 🎃

Victoria Hopkins – Warman

daycare warman - victoria

Victoria obtained their Early Childhood Diploma in 2009, and since has had a ton of experience in the world of early childhood education and diverse needs. Victoria has held multiple roles at Hope’s Home, first being an ECE, Developmental Worker, and Rec Programmer before accepting their current position as Pedagogical Leader at our EL&C centre in Warman.

In their spare time, Victoria enjoys crocheting, painting, hiking, and spending time at the beach. In 2018, they drove across Canada from coast to coast, spending a ton of time outdoors exploring, hiking, and experiencing all that Canada has to offer! Victoria also has two adorable kittens, Remington and Louis Lane 🥰


Ashley Valentine – Regina North

daycare regina - ashley

Ashley graduated with her Early Childhood Education Diploma in 2010 and during the course of her schooling, did a practicum at Hope’s Home in the toddler room where she fell in love with the vision and dream of the Hope’s Home family. From that point on, she decided to pursue a career that focused on supporting individuals with diverse needs. She started as an Early Childhood Educator at Hope’s Home in 2011 where she held various positions within the organization including an ECE, Recreation Programmer, and a temporary maternity leave position on the Provincial Team. She is now the Pedagogical Leader (Location Manager) at the Regina North Early Learning & Childcare Centre.
In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes two step kids and her own little guy. They spend a lot of time outside exploring, visiting with family and friends (pre-pandemic of course), and having family movie nights. When she has time to herself she loves walking, reading, camping, and painting.


Kristy Thompson – Prince Albert

daycare prince albert - kristy

Kristy’s Hope’s Home  journey began in 2013 as the Physical Development Consultant in Prince Albert, SK. She graduated with a B.Sc. Kinesiology Degree, eventually leading her to Hope’s Home, where she met some of the most wonderful staff and had the privilege of working with so many amazing children and parents.

In 2019 she stepped into some pretty huge shoes as the Early Learning & Childcare Manager at our Prince Albert location. She is so grateful for her Hope’s Home Family as they helped her through this crazy year of change and learning. Kristy is a leader who values her team and goes out of her way to make sure they know that.
When it comes to leisure time, Kristy can be a bit competitive, she loves a challenge.  She’s been a sport-junky all her life and still enjoys Rec volleyball nights, golfing, the odd curling bonspiel, and pretty much anything that involves a little competition. She love to read and of course, enjoy spending time with her family, especially when it’s outside.

Thank you isn’t enough.

It’s a really good feeling when you have had staff stick around this long. It reminds us that Hope’s Home means something special to our community and that what we are doing is truly making a difference.

Our (not so) little organization would not be the same without these four, and we really can’t thank them enough for all they have done for Hope’s Home and the kiddos they care for. All we can do is keep making sure they feel loved and valued (because they really, really are) and hope they stick around for another ten years or so. 🙂

That’s why there is no place like Hope.

No More Chemo – A Daycare Celebration

For half her life, Callie’s weekly routine has consisted of a round of chemo.

The reality of Hope’s Home is sometimes things don’t always go the way we would like them too. There are times when we are crying by hospital beds, being a pillar of support for a family going through a tough time, and saying our last “I love you’s” to a kiddo who has been with us since they were a baby. So when that can be our reality, we have to make sure we take advantage of all the small and large victories that happen too. And Callie finishing off her 70th round of chemo was one of those things we had to go all out for.

childcare - hope's home warman

At 10 months old, Callie had complications which made her unable to eat food; and she has since been exclusively tube fed ever since. And it was just a short 5 months later that Callie received the news that the doctors found a tumor in her brain. And although the tumor was not cancerous, it didn’t mean there wasn’t a long road ahead for her. A week after they found it, Callie underwent brain surgery, but the surgeons weren’t able to remove all of it. So they moved on to the next option, which would end up being 70 rounds of chemo in 70 weeks.

no more chemo - hope's home

The door the centre decorated for Callie’s party

Callie has had quite the journey in her little life; and although it’s been hard, she’s also had some victories. In December 2019, Callie finally began eating food!! At daycare, Callie’s friends were encouraging for her, and slowly but surely she began trying a couple bites here and there. Callie has now tried so many different foods she even has a couple favourites. This was a huge milestone for Callie and her family because it meant she was one step closer to no longer being tube-fed.

On Tuesday, the day after Callie’s last round of chemo, our staff and kiddos went all out for a chemo-free celebration party. They decorated the centre, had a dance party, played with balloons (a crowd favourite), and had a snack of some of Callie’s favourite: cheezies and popcorn twists. (She likes cheezies so much her mom calls her the “Cheezy Queen”)

complex medical needs - hope's home hope's home complex medical needs daycare


We were so excited to throw this party for Callie. She is the sweetest, strongest little girl. Having her at Hope’s Home has been such a blessing and knowing that she will be coming to daycare tumor free from now on brings all of us so much joy. We love you Callie.


That’s why there is no place like Hope.

international womens day - advice from our CEO

International Women’s Day

Women in Business – Advice from our CEO

Being a woman in business, even in 2021. can still be a challenge. So each year our society fights to make progress over gender disparities and skepticism, and each year we get closer to the goal of eliminating those biases and inequalities. There are many stories of success and victory for female leadership – Kamala Harris being elected the first ever Vice-President of the United States, Whitney Wolfe becoming the first female CEO to take a company public, to stories in our own backyard: Jennifer Denouden being a leader for Canadian CEO’s to Jacqueline Tisher, who has built a legacy for children in Saskatchewan.

As a successful, provincial wide non-profit, we are proud to be led by an inspiring, passionate, and hardworking CEO who is choosing to challenge those biases every day. Not only did Jacqueline build Hope’s Home from the ground up, she also built it without any framework. Since Hope’s Home is the first ever medically integrated daycare in Canada, there was no blueprint for how to do it. With a team of equally as driven and passionate females – they filled a gap in our community that has helped change and improve the lives of countless families.

So today, on International Women’s Day, we sat down with Jacque and asked her about her journey as a business woman. We ask her about her victories and her setbacks, and her advice for every young female entrepreneur out there.

Women in business - hope's home

Photo taken from Hillberg & Berk, Jacqueline Tisher interview

Did you have any fears in the early stages of Hope’s Home? How did you overcome them?

Facing your fears is a part of taking risks. Hope’s Home was the first of its kind. There was so much to learn and research to do, to figure what was the best way to support families of children with complex medical needs. Taking this risk meant leaving a secure job at the hospital, which I loved so much! Starting a new business meant facing my fear of losing job security, financial security, and professional security as a nurse. It meant rising above that fear and embracing my burning passion for children with diverse needs. Passion is empowering. Passion creates dreams and smashes fear. Passion gives you the freedom to take risks that will make a difference in the world. Yes, it has been scary at times, but Hope’s Home is worth it!

quotes about dreams and conquering fears (2)

Did anyone ever doubt you as a female CEO and your ability to run a provincial wide organization? If so, how did you deal with that?

If anyone doubted me as a female CEO – I did not hear it or listen to it.  I believe my passion for advocating for these children, my business mind, and my ability to build strong relationships has made my role as CEO successful.  I surround myself with mentors and strong leaders – from my mom, who is my hero and an incredible leader/businesswoman, to other business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals – who I lean on for advice, support, and guidance.  Great leaders have a circle of support who strengthen their weaknesses, provide transparent and honest feedback, and build each other up to be the very best in life.

What were the biggest lessons you learned while running and growing Hope’s Home?

Oh, so many Lessons!  When I think of the lessons I have learned in the last 16 years, I hear these quotes in my head:

  • Policy doesn’t change the world…passion changes the world.
  • Walk before you run.
  • It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to beg for permission.
  • People leave managers, not organizations.
  • Your values determine your actions.
  • Our children are our future – they are worth it!
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Stabilization.
  • People first.
  • Life is too short to be bitter…make the world better.
  • Life is fragile.  Make memories.  Enjoy the journey.
  • What mark are you making in the world?

Hope’s Home is about people.  It is about our children, family, and our staff.  Every decision we make as an organization needs to keep our children in the center.  This is who we are and why we do what we do.

Do you have any advice for young women? Aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Dream big. Discover what your passion is. What keeps you awake at night?  What makes you excited? What gives you purpose?  I would encourage young women and aspiring entrepreneurs to ask yourself these questions to set your sight on the goal. It will mean you will have to face your fears and take a risk. It means you may fail. These are the greatest lessons! Never give up or be scared to challenge the norm to follow your dream. As I told my daughter Acacia who lived her life from a wheelchair – focus on what you can do, not on what you cannot do. It is important to be an ever-learner. Seek knowledge and wisdom in those that have journeyed ahead of you. Love yourself first and live out of this place of strength and purpose.

women in business - international women's day hope's home

From the opening of Hope’s Home Prince Albert

This years theme for International Women’s Day is “#ChoosetoChallenge gender bias and inequality.” What does that statement mean to you?

I believe each human is unique, born with special gifts, talents, and abilities. Discover those gifts that make you special and those around you unique. Treat each other with respect, kindness, and love. Challenge injustice, prejudice, and care for the people of our world. Embrace and celebrate our differences – this is what makes humanity so incredible.


Feeling inspired on International Women’s Day this year.

Today makes you feel inspired about the future and reflect on all the amazing women who have pathed the way for future generations. Jacqueline Tisher has certainly made a difference to all the young women she has met and the people who have heard her story. Which women have made an impact on your life?  Tell us about them in the comments! And don’t forget to share your own #ChoosetoChallenge story. Happy International Women’s Day!

Incorporating Therapies into Daycare

Incorporating therapies into our day-to-day activities at daycare is one of things that makes Hope’s Home so special.

Children with complex medical or developmental needs often have various therapies they need to do everyday to promote healthy development. In order to provide high quality, inclusive care – we staff Physical Development Consultants to help children with their therapies in a way that doesn’t segregate them from the rest of the children.

To learn more about this, our wonderful Physical Development Consultant, April, explains more about it.

What exactly is a Physical Development Consultant at Hope’s Home?

Inclusive daycare - Hope's Home edited

As a Physical Development Consultant (“PDC”), I work closely with the Developmental Workers. My daily goal is to make sure that our children with complex medical needs and developmental delays are equipped with the programs and plans they need to master new skills and participate fully in activities. Whether with adaptive equipment, a hand over hand assistance, or them building the skills to be able to dance on the floor with their friends, we aspire to give the child the maximum participation and incorporate fun therapies into their daily activities.

I am a Physiotherapist by profession, specializing in pediatrics for most of my career. I have been trained for some Neurodevelopmental Techniques of therapy and recently received a certificate of training for the Cognitive Orientation Approach for Individuals with Motor Difficulties.

A closer look at therapies.

The programs and goals we set to support the achievement of the child’s developmental milestones are in continuance to the goals of the parents and all the supporting professionals that are involved in the child’s life. The various therapies are decided upon by the specialized professionals and carried out by the PDC at Hope’s Home in an integrated way.

A list of outside professionals we work with:

Therapy Philosophies - Hope's Home editedIntegrating Therapies to make them fun!

After deciding on goals for the child, we work together as a team to translate them into different activities that are incorporated through play in their day-to-day fun. Ensuring that our staff are trained to adapt materials and help the child regulate emotions; and that tools such as switches to support communication and adapted equipment are accessible, is all an integral part of inclusion for Hope’s Home.

All of the therapies also occur in their classroom to allow other children to play along. This gives us more opportunity to educate and create that loving, caring, and helping relationship between typically developing children and children with complex medical or developmental needs.

Hopeful Stories

For example, when a child is in a standing frame they can happily do pretend play in the kitchen with friends. So even though standing for certain periods of time is considered part of their therapy, they are enjoying their time and therefore the therapy is incorporated in play.

A favorite memory was seeing a child in a walker playing eagerly with friends in the backyard. With just amount of challenge and support, he was able to let go of the walker and did his independent steps to catch his friends. And when you see a proud grin and friends proudly celebrating, you just know Hope’s Home made it happen.

Our Physical Development Consultants are an un-funded position at Hope’s Home. If you wish to help us out and ensure that our children are getting the best care possible by having a PDC on staff, please visit our donate page.


That’s why there is no place like Hope

What does a Recreation Programmer do?

Meet Jaime – a Recreation Programmer at Prince Albert Supportive Living. 

Jaime is an absolute ray of sunshine for our staff and our kids. She is a perfect member to our team as she brings so much passion, fun, and love to her position.

The Recreation Programmer role can be a bit misunderstood as you can have varying educational backgrounds to fill it. Whether you have a degree in Kinesiology, ECE diploma, or a Recreational Therapy Diploma, Hope’s Home will train you to perfectly fit the role. Read on as Jaime takes you through even more things you might not know about her and her role at Hope’s Home.

What to do with a kinesology degree1. Start off by telling us a bit about yourself.

I have been the Recreation Programmer at Supportive Living in Prince Albert since the fall of 2018! Prior to working with Hope’s Home, I worked as a kinesiologist in multidisciplinary clinics both in Halifax and in Moose Jaw. I completed my Bachelor of Science in kinesiology from the University of Lethbridge. I am also a big movement enthusiast and am a spin instructor, group fitness instructor and personal trainer on the side.

2. What’s one thing people might not know about your position?

One thing people may not know is how diverse the Recreation role is at Hope’s Home! Every day comes with its unique challenges and no two days are the same! Not only do we get to research and program new intervention strategies for each of the kiddos, we also are big advocates for inclusiveness in the community where we always look for opportunities to get the children involved. We communicate with supporting professionals such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathologists, and vision rehabilitation (just to name a few); we then take their recommendations and create functional strategies to be implemented in the home and into the children’s daily lives.

3. You get to experience a lot of everyday miracles. What’s one that comes to the top of your mind as the most memorable?

I was fortunate enough to experience a wish trip for two of our children at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Watching the reaction when one of the children met any Disney character was priceless (Buzz lightyear and Minnie Mouse were their favourites!); pure joy and happiness.

Our other kiddo is a daredevil and wanted to ride any and every rollercoaster possible. They made me and another staff ride the fastest one over and over (they are much braver than me!).

Recreational Programmer - Hope's Home4. You have a lot of career options with your Kin degree. What’s made you stay in the non-profit industry, and Hope’s Home specifically?

Prior to Hope’s Home I enjoyed my position but was never left feeling as fulfilled as I do working here. Working here, you get to see the direct impact of what you program, you learn to problem solve on the fly, and best of all you get to play! Hope’s Home is so incredibly special to this community, to the province, and has such an impactful message behind it. I am beyond grateful for each day I get to come into work and play a small part in this amazing organization.

I think having my kinesiology background, as well as experience, gives me a unique perspective into programming for the children. A lot of what we do in Supportive Living is incorporating recommendations from supporting professionals and making it fun and turning it into functional play. Having a deeper understanding of growth & development, and functional anatomy allows me to make sure the kiddos are getting the most out of their activities.

5. How would you describe the culture and atmosphere at Hope’s Home?

Supportive, welcoming, and so so fun. We have amazing staff here who make work not feel like work. From a management perspective, our supervisors are always there to listen and offer constructive feedback and to push our employees to reach their full potential.

6. What’re your long-term goals with Hope’s Home? Either personal, professional, or both.

I am currently pursuing my certified therapeutic recreation designation, which I’m very excited about! Once that is complete it will bring a whole new standard of recreation therapy at our center and hopefully at others as well.

I also love to mentor students and hope to accept many more from the therapeutic recreation program. Within Hope’s Home and the community, I will always continue to advocate for our children but also for this profession and what we can offer to these kiddos care teams.


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving – a message from our CEO.

Feeling Thankful Part II: Our CEO, Jacque Tisher, takes us through what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend:


Jacque Tisher

Each morning I want to wake up with intention and purpose.  Opening my eyes to the sun shining, the beauty of a fall day, and I smile with a grateful heart.  Life is sometimes very challenging.  As people, we face each morning with personal expectation for our life.  The expectations fill our heart with joy, excitement, or some days even worry or sadness.  Our human experiences may be filled with wonderful, warm memories of our childhood or grief over the loss of loved ones. We may experience intense love, uncertainty, fear, wonder, and hope.  I am thankful for each of these emotions and experiences.  These experiences make us human – they make us real.

Even in our world of uncertainty there is much to be Thankful for. We may not be able to control the world around us – COVID, illness of a family member, politics, the weather. Yet in all of this, we can choose how to respond. Today, I wake up and choose Thankfulness.

I am so THANKFUL for the incredible love of my family. I am thankful for the love of my life. I am thankful for the memories of the people I love that have gone before us. I am thankful for the people in my world who have made a difference in my life – you make me smile. I am thankful for the many amazing memories made with my friends and look forward to making many more. I am thankful for today and the incredible beauty of each breath. I am thankful for the feelings I get to experience that remind me I am alive.  I am thankful for each smile and every tear. I am thankful for tomorrow and the journey God has me on. It isn’t easy. It isn’t perfect. Yet I am thankful for each moment in it.

This Thanksgiving Day, I wake up in anticipation, expectation, and thankfulness for the future. With a grateful heart I will embrace the magic of each moment and cherish the memories yet to be made.

With a grateful heart – Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You!


Jacque Tisher.

CEO & Founder

Meet Jess 1

Why work as an Early Childhood Educator – Meet Jess

A career that is both rewarding, challenging, and inspiring – being an Early Childhood Educator for 10 years.

Jessica (more commonly known as Jess) Hoffman has been an Early Childhood Educator at Hope’s Home for 10 years. Year after year she welcomes new faces to Hope’s home, watches them as they grow and see the world with complete fascination and curiosity, and then has been there as they say goodbye to daycare. She’s truly witnessed it all. So we took a moment to look back on her career and get her perspective on the changes within the organization.

Meet Jess 21. How long have you been at Hope’s Home? What positions have you all held here? Give a little explanation about each one.

I have been at Hope’s Home for 10 years. In those years I have worked with all age groups as an Early Childhood Educator. The age I enjoy most is Preschool and School-age children. I love the way they discover and explore new experiences each day. The last two years I had the opportunity to be the Early Learning and Childcare Manager at the JPII Daycare location. Currently, I am an Early Childhood Educator for Preschool/School-age children as well as the Relief Manager at the Regina South location. My favorite thing to do with the children is science and arts!

2. What is the main factor that’s made you stay at Hope’s Home this long?

The main reasons I’ve worked for Hope’s Home for so many years is the children and our inclusive programs. Our programs support every child and are set up to include everyone no matter your ability. The best part of this is watching the children reach milestones and build relationships with each other. Nothing is more gratifying than watching a child succeed and concur challenges all while having fun with their peers. The amazing staff are the other reason I have worked for Hope’s Home so long. It’s like a family here and everyone is here for the same reason, to support the kiddos. Working in this field is challenging at times but is also the most inspiring and rewarding job I’ve ever had.

3. How have you seen the organization change from when you started to how it is now?

I first started at our College Ave location with around 25 children and a few staff. Fast forward years later, we have more locations throughout the province that support children and their families. With these locations came new programs and more supports for the children. In 10 years I have seen a lot of successful change that has helped this organization grow immensely. Through all the changes in the past few years we have kept our Vison, Mission and Values, of loving, supporting and accepting every individual equally, while creating an enhanced environment for all children. I am proud to be a part of Hope’s Home and to see our community and families come together to support and teach these young humans. It’s pretty incredible and really highlights the hard work and advocacy of our staff and families at Hope’s Home.

Meet Jess 34. How have you seen Hope’s Home impact the community you live and work in?

When I first started not a lot of people knew about Hope’s Home or very little at that. Now a large amount of people in our community know about Hope’s Home and I always get the response of, “Wow what incredible work you do! What an amazing place to work.” And I couldn’t agree more!  Throughout the years I have seen the community come together and support our Early Learning programs, Respite and daycare services by inviting us to their businesses to tour with our classrooms, by visiting us to see how our programs run, making donations, volunteering, the list goes on.

5. What is your favourite Hope’s Home memory or moment?

It’s impossible to have one favorite memory! But I would say that each year we have an award for the “Child of The Year” and we highlight that child and all their milestones, success and hurdles they have overcome. Being in that moment of listening to the stories, telling the stories of that child, how hard they have worked to overcome challenges, and to see the relationships and acceptance that each child has is truly the best memory I can ask for. I am the lucky one who gets to experience this each day and be a part of such an amazing organization.


Have any questions for Jess about her career with Hope’s Home? Or just want to tell her she’s amazing? Let us know in the comments!


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️

Meet Michelle - working at Hope's Home (2)

Working at a Non-Profit – Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle – another long time employee of Hope’s Home.

As we continue to go through our list of employees who have stuck around for 8+ years, we are in awe of the dedication these staff members have shown. Hope’s Home has completely surpassed just being their place of work. This organization – and everyone in it – is their family. It really is a unique experience working at a non-profit.

With that being said, we are here to introduce Michelle. She is such an integral part of our Hope’s Home family and we can’t wait to see where her journey with Hope’s Home takes her next.

1. How long have you been at Hope’s Home? What positions have you all held here? Give a little explanation about each one.

My name is Michelle Yung and I’ve been a nurse at Hope’s Home in Regina for 10 Years now. I started off as a nursing student and never left! I’m currently working as a Nurse Supervisor at our Supportive Living home. I’ve worked in many different roles from floor nurse to school nurse, Nurse Supervisor and Regional Manager. I love this organization and have been proud to be a part of the growth over the past 10 years.

Michelle - non profit

2. How have you seen the organization change from when you started to how it is now?

Some firsts for both myself and the organization were working the first ever overnight respite that we provided to families from our daycare centre. I was also apart of helping to open our first Supportive Living home here in Regina on Durham Drive.

3. What is your favourite Hope’s Home memory or moment?

Some of my favourite memories include Hope’s angels, the kiddos that brought us so much joy that are no longer with us but have left lasting impressions. ❤️

One of Hope's Angels - Emmett ❤️

4. How would you summarize the past 10 years working at Hope’s Home?

I love my job, the kids we care for, supporting families and our amazing team; it’s no secret that I’m a lifer with Hope’s Home.

It has been so exciting to watch us expand from one location in one city, to 3 cities across Saskatchewan, running integrated daycare programs, supportive living homes, recreation, and a much needed respite program. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings!

It truly is Hope’s Home’s organizational culture that keep our staff members sticking around. We would love to hear your thoughts around culture within the workplace and the top things you think keep employees around. Let us know in the comments!


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️

Nikki from Hope's Home

Working at a Non-Profit – Meet Nikki.

The benefits of working at a non-profit: Let Nikki tell you why she has been with Hope’s Home for over 10 years!

Hope’s Home has been a registered non-profit organization for 14 years. Throughout those years we have grown the business to include a 24 hour home for children with complex medical needs, which we call Supportive Living; inclusive Early Learning & Childcare centres in Regina, Warman, and Prince Albert; and a respite program to support our families. With all the expansions and changes, we have had some amazing staff members that have stuck with us since (basically) the beginning.

We felt that those staff members deserved to be highlighted and acknowledged for all the hard work and dedication they have shown. This mini series will showcase those staff members and why they chose Hope’s Home as their career.

We are starting off with the beautiful Nikki Hauck, who is currently our Administrative Assistant at our Regina South location. She is absolutely incredible – always helping out where needed, getting things back to you super speedy, and doing everything with a smile on her face. She is a joy to have at Hope’s Home.

Nikki from Hope's Home

1. How long have you been at Hope’s Home? What positions have you all held here? Give a little explanation about each one.

I have been at Hope’s Home for almost 12 years. I worked as a full time Developmental Worker for 10 years. In that time I also started up an art program with the kids. It involved planning different art projects with each group weekly. I did that for about a year and ended it off with a big art show held at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. It showcased all of the kids amazing art work and raised some excellent funds for Hope’s Home. I went on Maternity leave in 2018 and when I came back in 2019 I started in my administrative role.

2. What is the main factor that’s made you stay at Hope’s Home this long?

There are 3 reasons why I have stayed at Hope’s Home for so long: It’s the kids, the staff, and all of the families that we support. When you work with the same kids everyday, they become family to you and you love them as if they are. You become so close with the families because you are communicating with them everyday and are working with their kids to achieve the same goals and celebrating with them when they meet those goals! You also become family to your co-workers. Some days are hard and really challenging but when you work with great staff you become super close and are each others biggest support system. Some of the best people I know are people I have met at Hope’s Home.

3. How have you seen the organization change from when you started to how it is now?

When I first walked in the doors at our College Ave location there were about 8 kids and only a handful of staff. We took turns making lunch for the kids. It was like being a big family in a big house. A few months later the kids started to roll in and it just blew up after that. We grew out of the College Ave location pretty quickly and opened few classrooms at Regina Christian School to accommodate the growing number of children.  Then the new locations in the province began to open and it has just been growing ever since. With that being said, Hope’s Home has still kept its family feel.

4. How have you seen Hope’s Home impact the community you live and work in?

When I used to get asked where I worked, people didn’t know what Hope’s Home was. Now when I get asked, I always get the comments of “Wow what an amazing place to work. I have heard so many wonderful things.” It’s so rewarding to hear all the parents stories of how this organization has impacted their lives.

5. What is your favourite Hope’s Home memory or moment?

Nikki from Hope's Home ReginaOne of my favorite memories was watching a little boy I worked with, accept the Child of the Year Award for all of his accomplishments. He was the first little face I saw on my first day at Hope’s Home. He faced many hardships and I was able to watch him overcome them – like helping him learn to walk and starting to communicate. How lucky am I that I get to be a part of this wonderful organization?!


That’s why there’s no place like Hope. ❤️