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Nurse Reference Number: 20210103.03 Nursing in a new light. As a nurse in a hospital setting, your main task is to provide medical care to a rotating door of patients. But what if your job description went beyond that? At Hope’s Home, we believe in the philosophies of education, independence, and inclusion; and with that […]


Physical Development Consultant

Physical Development Consultant Reference Number: 20220422.01 Job Summary. The Physical Development Consultant cares for medically fragile children who have diverse physical and mental needs. This role also provides individual and specialized physical therapy programming to meet the growth and developmental needs of these children. The Physical Development Consultant shall: Work collaboratively with outside professionals. Perform […]


Early Childhood Educator/Developmental Worker

Casual Early Childhood Educator/Developmental Worker Reference Number: 20211202.01 Job Summary. The Early Childhood Educators/Developmental Workers assist in providing integrated programming for all children in the classroom, at times working one-on-one with children to support personal care & development. Early Childhood Educators/Developmental Workers contribute to an environment that promotes learning, individuality, growth and development while upholding […]


Early Childhood Educator

Early Childhood Educator Reference Number: 20220429.01 A role model, a teacher, a friend. As an Early Childhood Educator at Hope’s Home, you will get to fill many different roles as you help educate and develop the young minds of the children you care for. You get to be a role model for Hope’s Home’s philosophies. […]