One-on-One Support Worker

Reference Number: 20230315.03

Job Summary.

The One-on-One Support Worker provides behavioral and emotional support for a child with medical complexities. By demonstrating a willingness to learn, confidentiality, and a strong sense of integrity, the One-on-One Support will have the opportunity to become a pivotal family member and support in the child’s life.

Supported closely by Recreational Programmers and Nursing Supervisors, this position is a valuable team member in our Supportive Living home. They will attend all school and care related meetings to ensure the child’s overall needs are met. Their hard work and close relationship with the child will create a safe and loving space to foster the child’s growth and development within the home.

Why choose Hope’s Home?

Hope’s Home offers unique and competitive benefits, beyond just monetary value. We believe that organizational culture is the most important factor and we work hard to make sure it is top-notch and suited for everyone. A glimpse at some of our benefits:

  • Be confident in your job, knowing that you have the full support of your team and access to the resources you need. Hope’s Home prides themselves in being a team-oriented work environment.
  • Have the opportunity to create strong bonds and relationships with the children you work with and experience the pride and happiness when they accomplish their goals.
  • Health and dental is 100% covered by Hope’s Home. We also offer long term disability, life insurance, and critical illness packages.
  • With education being a main philosophy, we greatly encourage professional development opportunities, and we make it as easy as possible to access them.
  • We are a family first working environment. This means we understand that things happen, and situations need to be dealt with. Whether that’s a family emergency or a minor crisis – you can ask for the time you need, stress free.
  • 25% off discount for childcare services and first priority admission so you can work without the stress of traditional childcare fees.
  • You pick your pension contribution (between 1-5%) and Hope’s Home will match it up to 5%. Meaning you could be putting away an extra 5% of your earnings for FREE.


  • Attend all medical and therapy appointments.
  • Implement behavioural care plans, routines, and therapies outlined by medical professionals.
  • Provide a consistent approach in their care plan and guidance to your co-workers on the child’s plan.
  • Be a support in the child’s day-to-day personal care and recreational activities.
  • Collaborate with the team to meet the child’s developmental needs by monitoring and incorporating new ideas to improve the areas of gross/fine motor, cognitive, social-emotional, self-help, communication, and sensory development.
  • Implement inclusive educational programming and provide the support to engage the child in all activities.
  • Evaluate the necessary adaptive equipment and tools needed for the child’s involvement to report what is working and what could be incorporated.
  • Help to create an interactive environment suitable for the child’s needs.
  • Track the child’s progress in their developmental goals, while collaborating with their support team to create goals and future Personal Program Plans (PPP).


  • Experience working with children with special needs.
  • Experience working with crisis and self-harming behaviours, an asset.
  • Experience working with non-verbal persons or sign language training, an asset.
  • Able to remain calm and collected in high stress situations.
  • Enjoys a challenge and a very rewarding experience.
  • Able to work effectively with different behavioral and physical disorders.
  • Physical ability to maneuver equipment required by children (lifts, wheelchairs, standing frames, etc.)
  • Behavioural training such as Mandt or PART (Professional Assault Response Training)
  • Completion of one or more of the following:
    • Education Assistant Program
    • Disability Support Worker Program
    • Recreational Therapist Program
    • Kinesiology Degree
    • ECE Certificate or comparable with diverse needs (min. 1 yr experience)


Job Type: Temporary Part Time

Term End Date: June 30th, 2023

Shifts: Days and Weekends

Location: Saskatoon Supportive Living

Salary: Starting at $21.08/hr

Application Deadline: March 29th, 2023

Number of Positions Available: 2