Recreation Programmer

Reference Number: 20211019.01

Job Summary.

A Hope’s Home Supportive Living house is much more than a group home. It is a place where children with complex medical needs find safety, warmth, and love. It is a place they get to call home, filled with staff that become family.

As the Recreation Programmer, you play in integral role in ensuring that the children receive the love and support they need. You provide community and in-house programming, advocate for inclusion within your community, and create an environment that promotes learning, individuality, and development. But most importantly, the Recreation Programmer is responsible for upholding Hope’s Homes values and being passionate about the work they are doing.


Diverse Needs Experience.

  • Attend to adapted equipment needs (i.e. communication devices, walker, standing frame, etc.) for use in daily therapy programming and report problems or concerns.
  • Teach co-workers on how to properly use each child’s adaptive equipment.
  • Knowledgeable about available adaptive equipment and understand what equipment would be helpful to each child to ensure inclusion as much as possible.
  • Knowledgeable about various complex medical and developmental needs.


  • Plan and provide daily experiences/programming that support and promote each child’s physical, emotional, social, communicative, cognitive and creative skills.
  • Assess each child’s needs, functional abilities, and leisure behaviors to develop program plans to facilitate independence and enhance children’s quality of life.
  • Perform Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech therapy programming to complete goals under the direction of Rehabilitation Personnel, nursing co-workers, and their teachers.
  • Plan out meals for the week and incorporate the children into grocery shopping and cooking where possible.
  • Prepare budgets for each child’s expenses and activities based on Ministry of Social Service allowances and Hope’s Home allowances.
  • Create a calendar of activities for the house and have available to all staff.

Support Children’s Development.

  • Develop and maintain an overall environment that supports and encourages the development of all children.
  • Write developmental assessments and anecdotal records to document developmental milestones, set goals, and create action plans for future development.
  • Implement guidance strategies specific to each child and guide/teach staff on their responsibilities.
  • Develop a warm, caring, and responsive relationship with every child.
  • Attend children’s therapy appointments when necessary.

Leadership & Collaboration.

  • Maintain a collaborative working relationship with each member of the Hope’s Home team, outside agencies, and community services.
  • Work with children’s support team (Rehabilitation Centers, nurses, teacher etc.) to develop Personal Program Plans (PPP) and program activities to help meet their personal development goals.
  • Collaborate with all staff on what works well and what does not and take their input on the children’s progress and use their feedback for assessment and programming.
  • Be a leader to staff when it comes to overseeing children, being a role model for inclusion, and being passionate about your job.


  • Priority to applicants with Recreational Therapy Diploma or Degree.
  • Consideration to applicants with:
    • Education/Experience in Early Learning (ECE 3)
    • Coordinator/Leader in a Group Home setting working alongside people with diverse needs
  • Experience with recreation program planning.
  • Sense of professionalism, leadership; awareness and appreciation of diversity.
  • Expresses a concern for health, safety, and the environmental surroundings.
  • Ability to work as a team player while having accountability in independent decision making.
  • Have the ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing situations.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Physically able to safely work with objects or persons of varying sizes. Handling ~100 lbs occasionally; ~50 lbs regularly; and ~25 lbs continuously.


Job Type: Temporary Full Time

Shifts: Shiftwork consisting of 10 to 12 hour days, including alternating weekends.

Salary:  Starting at $21.08/hr, depending on education and experience.

Location: Prince Albert Supportive Living

Application Deadline: December 13th, 2021

Expected Start Date: January 10th, 2022