Physical Development Consultant

Reference Number: 20240513.04

Job Summary.

The Physical Development Consultant (PDC) is responsible for providing physical therapy programming for children of varying medical, physical and/or mental abilities at our Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) centres.  The PDC develops specific programming and activities in collaboration with caregivers, staff and the child’s support team in order to help each child reach their full potential.  This position works closely with Developmental Workers and other front-line staff on a daily basis to care for and ensure the development needs of the child are at the forefront of the care that is provided.  This position reports directly to the Early Learning and Childcare Centre Manager and has no direct reports.

Why choose Hope’s Home?

Hope’s Home offers unique and competitive benefits, beyond just monetary value. We believe that organizational culture is the most important factor and we work hard to make sure it is top-notch and suited for everyone. A glimpse at some of our benefits:

  • Be confident in your job, knowing that you have the full support of your team and access to the resources you need. Hope’s Home prides themselves in being a team-oriented work environment.
  • Have the opportunity to create strong bonds and relationships with the children you work with and experience the pride and happiness when they accomplish their goals.
  • Health and dental is 100% covered by Hope’s Home. We also offer long term disability, life insurance, and critical illness packages.
  • With education being a main philosophy, we greatly encourage professional development opportunities, and we make it as easy as possible to access them.
  • We are a family first working environment. This means we understand that things happen, and situations need to be dealt with. Whether that’s a family emergency or a minor crisis – you can ask for the time you need, stress free.
  • 25% off discount for childcare services and first priority admission so you can work without the stress of traditional childcare fees.
  • You pick your pension contribution (between 1-5%) and Hope’s Home will match it up to 5%. Meaning you could be putting away an extra 5% of your earnings for FREE.


Operational Duties.

  • Develop the Personal Program Plan (PPP) and program activities for each child in collaboration with the children’s support teams (parents, nurses, educators, etc.) and present to the manager for final review and then to parents and the child’s support team for final approval.
  • Shares the PPP with the Developmental Workers (DWs), parents and supporting professionals.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with parents and supporting professionals on the child’s progress.
  • On a monthly basis, create, update and print therapeutic checklists to ensure the PPP goals and therapist recommendations are being implemented by DW(s).
  • Assess and review at the six month and one year mark, the child’s progress to ensure the PPP is achieving the set goals and objectives.  Complete report and submit to manager.
  • Populate the yearly PPP template.
  • Create new PPP’s annually for each child, based on Hope’s Home Enhanced Accessibility (EA) meetings and submit the signed report to the manager and consultant within four weeks of the EA grant meeting.
  • Prepare for the impact assessment with the Ministry (gather information and be prepared to discuss child’s progress).
  • Participate in the Hope’s Home EA meetings.
  • Support the Developmental Workers in executing the PPP:
    • Train the Developmental Workers in developing inclusive programming and using adaptive equipment, and
    • Review documentation with DW to ensure correlation with PPP goals.
  • Conduct regular assessments of child’s equipment, coordinate with the parents and/or the supporting professional and report updates to the manager.
  • Collaborate with the parents and the supporting professionals to complete and submit adaptative equipment requests to the Ministry of Education.
  • Monitor and document monthly, the adaptive equipment used in the location.  Identify needs and submit requests for maintenance.
  • Provide input into the preparations required during the intake of children who require enhance staffing.
  • Implement the daily hands-on physical therapies for each child as per the direction of the Physical Therapist.
  • Attend meetings, appointments, clinics and other information sessions that relate to the child’s care.  Take meeting minutes and put in child’s folder and chart.
  • Conduct the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) point assessment annually for each child.
  • Ensure ratios and ADL
  •  points are being maintained throughout the day.
  • Support on the floor as an Early Childhood Educator/Developmental Worker in times of need.
  • Communicate children’s therapy appointments to manager and put in calendar.
  • Research adaptive equipment that may enhance Hope’s Home therapeutic programs and submit to manager for grant applications.
  • Review and implement behavior intervention plans and complete behavior communication reports and minor injury reports as required.
  • Communicate with children in the manner identified by the Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP).
  • Other duties as assigned and required.

Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Create a psychologically safe work environment (resolve conflicts in respectful ways and ensure a fair resolution, provide an environment where employees feel safe and supported to share ideas, listen, learn from, and seek to understand the ideas of others).
  • Complete all required OHS training.
  • Monitor, report and resolve any safety hazards in the work environment.


  • Degree in Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, or Recreational Therapy.
  • Physical Therapy Assistant experience or experience in another related therapy program.
  • Certifications: First Aid, CPR.
  • TLR training would be an asset.
  • Experience working with children with diverse abilities and adaptive equipment an asset.
  • Possess the ability to handle physically demanding and challenging tasks.
  • Valid drivers’ license.

Skills and Abilities.

  • Ability to work with children of all ages and abilities.
  • Able to work independently and as a team player.
  • Strong collaborator and communicator (both verbal and written) with staff, parents and outside agencies.
  • Ability to build and maintain collaborative, professional relationships
  • Demonstrated time management and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to observe and accurately assess children, equipment, the environment and daily program effectiveness.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changes in the work environment.

Working Conditions.

  • Monday to Friday workdays with varied start and end times.
  • Physically able to safely work with objects or persons of varying sizes:
    • Handling ~100 lbs occasionally
    • ~50 lbs regularly; and
    • ~25 lbs continuously.
  • Physical position changes consistently throughout the day (sitting, standing, kneeing etc).
  • Fast paced, noisy environment.
  • Work with adaptive equipment and technologies.
  • Work outdoors with the children in all types of weather conditions.
  • Exposure to:
    • cleaning chemicals and products
    • Blood and body fluids
  • Travel within the city required on occasion.


Job Type: Permanent Full Time

Number of Positions Available: 1

Expected Start Date: August 6th, 2024


  • Monday to Friday
  • 8 hour shifts

Location: Saskatoon Early Learning & Childcare Centre

Wage: $21.51 to $29.10/hr

Application Deadline: June 7th, 2024