Physical Development Consultant

Reference Number: 20220726.02

Job Summary.

The Physical Development Consultant cares for medically fragile children who have diverse physical and mental needs. This role also provides individual and specialized physical therapy programming to meet the growth and developmental needs of these children.

The Physical Development Consultant shall:

  • Work collaboratively with outside professionals.
  • Perform physical therapies, implement programming, and maintain accurate records/data pertaining to the development of children.
  • Attend to adapted equipment needs (i.e., walker, standing frame, etc.) for use in daily therapy programming and report problems or concerns to supporting professionals, supervisors, and parents.
  • Attend children’s appointments at designated rehabilitation centers (where applicable).

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  • Assist Developmental Workers using developmental assessments and anecdotal records to document developmental milestones, set goals, and create action plans for future development.
  • Develop and participate in Enhanced Accessibility grant meetings.
  • Work with children’s support teams (parents, nurses, educators, etc.) to develop Personal Program Plans (PPP) and program activities to help meet personal development goals.
  • Assist Early Learning and Childcare Manager in maintaining full capacity on Enhanced Accessibility grant spaces (typically 25% of licensed daycare spaces).
  • Assist Early Learning and Childcare Manager in interviewing and hiring Developmental Workers.
  • Thoroughly train Developmental Workers in their job role and duties.
  • Communicate with supporting professionals and maintain up-to-date records on children’s therapy programming.
  • Evaluate needs for developmental supplies and equipment.
  • Maintain current communications with home, school, and outside agencies regarding development goals and care plans.
  • Review, update, and print therapy sheets monthly.

Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities.

  • Degree in Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, or Recreational Therapy.
  • Physical Therapy Assistant experience or experience in another related therapy program.
  • Certifications: First Aid, CPR
  • TLR training would be an asset.
  • Possess the ability to handle physically demanding and challenging tasks.


Job Type: Permanent Full Time

Shifts: Monday to Friday, 8 hour shifts.

Salary: Starting at $21.08/hr

Location: Regina South Early Learning & Childcare Centre

Application Deadline: August 16th, 2022