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Nursing in a new light.

As a nurse in a hospital setting, your main task is to provide medical care to a rotating door of patients. But what if your job description went beyond that? At Hope’s Home, we believe in the philosophies of education, independence, and inclusion; and with that comes new and exciting responsibilities. As the primary caregiver of the children who access our services, you get to watch and contribute to their growth and development through their most important years. You get the opportunity to provide leadership within the location by being a role model for education, inclusivity, and safety for all staff and children.

Hope’s Home allows you to see nursing in a new light and allows you to fall in love with your job all over again. Let our organization be your source of inspiration.

Why choose Hope’s Home?

Hope’s Home offers unique and competitive benefits, beyond just monetary value. We believe that organizational culture is the most important factor and we work hard to make sure it is top-notch and suited for everyone. A glimpse at some of our benefits:

  • As a private non-profit charitable organization, Hope’s Home does not fall under a union. Because of this you can expect the benefits of no union fees and can work here as a second job.
  • Potential for growth and movement within the organization. Your position is fluid and there are upper level roles waiting for someone just like you.
  • As a relatively new organization, you have the opportunity to contribute to policy development and the expansion of Hope’s Home. You get to have a voice, and one that is listened to.
  • We are a family first working environment. This means we understand that things happen, and situations need to be dealt with. Whether that’s a family emergency or a minor crisis – you can ask for the time you need, stress free.
  • Go beyond the call of duty of a typical nurse – advocate for children’s healthcare and social service rights, watch them grow and develop at a critical age, and be a part of an organization that is changing the lives of children everyday.


Nursing Care.

  • Defining children with complex medical needs: Children who have a chronic or progressive medical condition that may become unstable, resulting in a life-threatening situation. These children require care, support, and monitoring by nursing professionals.
  • Provide medical care within the scope of practice per valid license, as outlined in SALPN/SRNA/RPNAS competencies, including, but not limited to:
    • Physical assessments of children.
    • Administer medications, gastric tube feeds.
    • Monitor and administer tracheotomy care.
    • Monitor and manage oxygen saturation and ventilator equipment.
  • Create an inclusive and stimulating environment that is safe and suitable for all children, including those with complex medical or developmental needs.
  • Be up to the challenge of promoting independence in children with complex medical needs by helping them manage and understand their own medical care.
  • Offer direct nursing care for complex medical, nursing and intervention therapies due to disabilities and/or chronic diseases.
  • Provide a holistic approach of health and healing along with nursing care for children with complex medical needs.
  • Develop and manage nursing care plans for children with complex medical needs.


A nurse at Hope’s Home is a leader. You will have the opportunity to access management training, be encouraged to speak up with your ideas, and receive the respect you deserve as a healthcare professional.

  • To be an advocate on behalf of children with complex medical needs and help their families navigate the system and the services they can access.
  • To be a role model for inclusion to the other staff in the facility.
  • Take a lead role in collaborating with outside professionals (such as Physio Therapist, Speech Therapist, etc.) to create personalized care plans.
  • Independently oversee the home or centre when necessary by providing guidance and supporting the staff.
  • To take control in emergency situations by being calm, resourceful, and efficient.


Education is a main philosophy at Hope’s Home and therefore all staff, especially our nurses, have an opportunity to be an educator within our organization. We encourage you to come up with fun and engaging activities that also act as educational tools for both staff, kids, and parents.

  • Medical Safety: Teach them about topics such as needle safety, physiology, anatomy (why does this kid have a trach and where does it go?), and biology. Our goal is to create “little nurses” and “little biologists” so that we can give them an understanding of these concepts.
  • Explaining the individualized care plan that was created to parents/guardians to ensure transparency and clear communication.
  • Reassure families that their child’s transition into school will be safe and supportive as there are options they can take.
  • Teaching the typical children about health care and their complex friends to ensure a fully inclusive environment.
  • Be able to answer any and all questions a fellow staff member may have in a respectful manner in regard to them and the child.


  • Practicing License: SALPN, SRNA, or RPNA
  • Certifications: First Aid, CPR, TLR
  • Minimum 2 years of pediatric experience preferred
  • Physically able to safely work with objects or persons of varying sizes. Handling ~100 lbs occasionally; ~50 lbs regularly; and ~25 lbs continuously.


Job Type: Casual

Shifts: 12 hour shifts. Weekends, weekdays and nights.

Salary: Starting at $35.45/hr

Location: Prince Albert Supportive Living

Application Deadline: Always accepting applications.


Not sure if this position is the right fit?

Check out this testimonial from one of our staff members:

“My name is Michelle Yung and I’ve been a nurse at Hope’s Home in Regina for 10 Years now. I started off as a nursing student and never left! Some of my favourite memories include Hope’s angels, the kiddos that brought us so much joy that are no longer with us but have left lasting impressions. I love my job, the kids we care for, supporting families and our amazing team; it’s no secret that I’m a lifer with Hope’s Home.”

You can also call your local center today to set up a tour and get an idea of just how special the atmosphere of Hope’s Home truly is.