Assistant Early Learning & Childcare Manager

Reference Number: 20230118.01

Job Summary.

The Assistant Early Learning Centre Manager provides direct program support to the Early Childhood Educators, Developmental Workers, and other floor staff within the centre. They are responsible for delivering a high-quality, holistic early learning program to ensure each child is receiving exceptional care. Through their interactions with staff, children, and parents/caregivers, they work to ensure the culture of the work environment is in alignment with Hope’s Home Vision, Purpose and Values. This position reports to the Early Learning Centre Manager and has no direct reports.

Why choose Hope’s Home?

Hope’s Home offers unique and competitive benefits, beyond just monetary value. We believe that organizational culture is the most important factor and we work hard to make sure it is top-notch and suited for everyone. A glimpse at some of our benefits:

  • Be confident in your job, knowing that you have the full support of your team and access to the resources you need. Hope’s Home prides themselves in being a team-oriented work environment.
  • Have the opportunity to create strong bonds and relationships with the children you work with and experience the pride and happiness when they accomplish their goals.
  • Health and dental is 100% covered by Hope’s Home. We also offer long term disability, life insurance, and critical illness packages.
  • With education being a main philosophy, we greatly encourage professional development opportunities, and we make it as easy as possible to access them.
  • We are a family first working environment. This means we understand that things happen, and situations need to be dealt with. Whether that’s a family emergency or a minor crisis – you can ask for the time you need, stress free.
  • 25% off discount for childcare services and first priority admission so you can work without the stress of traditional childcare fees.
  • You pick your pension contribution (between 1-5%) and Hope’s Home will match it up to 5%. Meaning you could be putting away an extra 5% of your earnings for FREE.


Operational Duties.

  • Implement Hope’s Home high-quality early learning program which aligns with the vision and principles of Play and Exploration: Early Learning Program Guide, Joint Use Schools (JUS) Philosophical Statement, and Hope’s Home values.
  • Provide direct support to Early Childhood Educators (ECE) and Developmental Workers (DW) to ensure programs are age appropriate, daily experiences target all areas of development and activities are fun, educational, engaging, and inclusive.
  • Oversee that ECE and DW staff are practicing active supervision of the children.
  • Oversee and support ECE and DW staff to maintain adult to child ratios on the floor.
  • Model and oversee inclusive practices and acceptance of diversity are integrated into education programs e.g., cultural, ability, family structure, language etc.
  • Promote and encourage a co-teaching environment.
  • Review program plans, observe program activities and documentation to ensure developmentally appropriate programs are in place and focused on new skill development (early intervention) (Developmental Checklists, therapy checklists, Kindergarten readiness, PPP’s, etc).
  • Support ECEs and DWs in the development of Behaviour Intervention Plans in collaboration with parents.
  • Report any quality control and program concerns to the Early Learning Centre Manager (ELCM).
  • Schedule relief/directly cover for ECEs and DWs to provide time off the floor.
  • Provide staff coverage as needed and directed by the ELCM.
  • Assume all duties of the ELCM in their absence.
  • All other duties as needed and directed by the ELCM.

Parent Involvement and Communication.

  • Support the ELCM in welcoming and adjusting new kids and families to the centre.
  • Engage family/caregiver participation in the process of child assessments and ensure the respectful sharing of their results with the Early Years Committee (EYC) for the Joint Use School (JUS), the ELCM, and /or Senior Management, as applicable.
  • Participate with the ELCM, in discussions with families/caregivers regarding child development and assessments.
  • Provide input and suggestions to ELCM on what to communicate out to parents/caregivers at the centre.


  • Support the implementation of Hope’s Home’s policies and procedures and recommend changes to the ELCM.
  • Report to the ELCM updates and records on key performance indicators for each child on an Enhanced Accessibility (EA) Grant.
  • Audit the communication and reporting on HiMama to ensure each staff and classroom are meeting satisfactory usage requirements (completed journal entries for each child, calendar updates, menu planning, etc.).
  • Review the Program Checklist with each room on a quarterly basis.
  • Prepare and submit requisitions for approval by ELCM on items that would benefit the Early Learning Program.
  • Support the Admin Assistant with filing and record keeping.

Human Resources.

  • Demonstrate and promote Hope’s Home values and create an engaging work environment.
  • Create and maintain the staffing schedule for the center.
  • Receive morning sick calls and call out for coverage; or fill the shift themselves if no coverage available.
  • Oversee and train the staff on:
    • daily routines and position expectations,
    • documentation requirements related to child development (anecdotal records/journal entries, developmental checklists, Ages and Stages Questionnaires, and Personal Program Plans), and
    • how to use programming time efficiently to fulfil their duties.
  • Support the ELCM as needed with the hiring process and termination procedures.
  • Participate with the ELCM as a third person for all coaching and disciplinary conversations.
  • Provide direct feedback to staff when observing their work and report any concerns to the ELCM.

Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Create a psychologically safe work environment (resolve conflicts in respectful ways and ensure a fair resolution, provide an environment where employees feel safe and supported to share ideas, listen, learn from and seek to understand the ideas of others).
  • Continuously assess the health and safety of the centre and report it to the ELCM and Occupational Health and Safety Committee.


  • Completion of Early Childhood Education Diploma (Level III) – OR- Bachelor of Education Degree with integrated daycare experience.
  • Minimum of five years integrated daycare experience.
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience while employed by Hope’s Home.
  • Experience with Emergent Curriculum, Play & Exploration, ECERS, and the Reggio Approach is an asset.

Required Interpersonal & Professional Skills:

  • Passion for working with children from diverse groups is essential.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all internal matters pertaining to the organization and its operations.
  • Proficient use of computers.
  • Physically able to safely work with objects or persons of varying sizes:
  • Exertion of ~100 lbs of force occasionally;
  • Exertion of~50 lbs of force regularly;
  • Exertion of~25 lbs of force continuously.


Job Type: Temporary Full Time

Term End Date: October 1st, 2023

Shifts: Monday to Friday. 8 hour shifts.

Location: Regina South Early Learning & Childcare Centre

Salary: Starting at $53,934/yr

Application Deadline: February 8th, 2023