Celebrating our Rec Programmers

February is Therapeutic Recreation month!
There are many kind-hearted souls working behind the scenes to ensure the kiddos in our care are having the best experience and our Rec Programmers are an important piece of the puzzle.
In celebration of Therapeutic Rec month we had them answer questions about their field and even debunk a few myths about recreation therapy!
Any myths you’d like to bust about Recreation Programming?
We do a lot more than plan parties! Recreation Programmers are involved in all aspects of a child’s life. It’s functional – an incorporation of play, therapies, and life skills. It’s about holistic growth of an individual by improving their quality of life; empowering an individual from a strengths-based approach to learn and develop new skills in a fun way.
Recreation Programmers can choose to work in so many different areas, so why Hope’s Home?
Because there’s no place like HOPE. Each day brings new hope, an opportunity to learn more and a passion to make a difference in the lives of these little, amazing people. It’s a person centered program that allows kids to be kids.
What are you most looking forward to in 2022?
Accomplishing new milestones, those little moments that remind you that what you are doing and providing for the children is making a difference in their life.
What might others be surprised to learn about you?
One of our programmers is afraid of hospitals, another is afraid of pets. One of our programmers is originally from BC and we’ve even got a spin instructor in our midst!
And when we asked them tips for getting through the winter…
Embrace it and buckle up – we live in Saskatchewan! Always have a bit of a back up plan, whether it be a preplanned activity you just have on hand or even just some quiet time with the children. Sounds like something a rec programmer might say!
Thank you to our Rec Programmers for going above and beyond every single day. You are an amazing resource and support for our kiddos. ❤

College Ave Drugs

Our next Heart Campaign spotlight is College Ave Drugs in Regina.
This is where our partnership with community pharmacies is born out of. Jack Mullock has been the owner of College Ave Drugs for 25 years, purchasing it in 1997 when it was known as Williams Drugs.
We opened our first Supportive Living Home in Regina and the partnership with Jack has remained. Our CEO Jacque Tisher and Jack go way back – with both of their children attending the same school!
They share a common goal of making it simple for families to get the care they need. Jack recalls that Hope’s Home has always been close to his heart, having had ties to youth with medically complex conditions for many years.
One of the ways Jack knew he could help was to create a one stop shop for families. Caregivers are often sourcing equipment, dietary supplements and many other supplies from separate providers. Jack began sourcing much of the supplies caregivers needed to make it easier on them.
One thing Jack notes is that he is as supportive of caregivers as he is of the kids. He sees the ways they are pulled in different directions and does what he can to streamline the process. It’s been great for him to branch out and develop a new framework of knowledge while providing an essential service to the community.
Jack’s involvement in the community can be seen in his reason behind giving back. He sees the community as a network of people who support him and his employees. They give him a sense of security; they give his employees a livelihood. They allow him to provide jobs for other people. He sees it as his responsibility to give back, to give thanks for everything this community has given him.
In the last few years, Jack has noticed that more and more people are becoming aware of Hope’s Home and what we do. He states that it’s important that people know how complicated the care is and what it really takes to look after each other in the community.
And as a reminder – you can still purchase a heart at College Ave Pharmacy until February 28th for our heart campaign where they will be matching donations!
Thank you so much to Jack and your team for being a part of the Hope’s Home family!

2022 Events

⭐ We are releasing our event calendar for 2022! ⭐
We are SO excited about our upcoming events for the year and hope that we’ll see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones!
We’ll be kicking it off with our Annual Charity Golf Tournament in Prince Albert, followed by our first ever Black Tie Bingo. 
Ps. Prince Albert – we have NOT forgotten about you! We are planning to host our next Swinging with the Stars in early 2023 – so that means you’ve got a year’s notice, better start training! 🕺
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Earl’s Pharmacy – Saskatoon

Earl’s Pharmacy in Saskatoon has specialized in long term care since the 70s. That’s what they’re known for and it’s what they excel at. Not only are they a partner for our Heart Campaign, but they are a long-standing partner of Hope’s Home. ❤
Having looked after Parkridge since it opened, it was a natural partnership to transition to the care of our kiddos at Hope’s Home. Michele and her team have been with us since the very beginning. Her first in-person meeting with us was on the floor of our supportive living home because the furniture hadn’t even been ordered yet! They sat there with papers spread around them, with our employee’s kiddos playing in the background. The Earl’s team was able to put together a business plan for us and make any tweaks along the way. We learn so much from them and they learn so much from our kids and love being involved. Even now, it’s the Earl’s team that visits the home to administer flu and covid shots.
Michele herself began working at Earl’s for Mr. Earl when she was finishing classes at the U of S in the late 80s, graduating in 1990. Earl’s has always been a proponent of technology and remaining current. They were the first to have a computer in a pharmacy in all of Saskatchewan and the first to start packaging medications in pouches in 1999. Long term care is her passion and it shows. Michele worked her way up to senior pharmacist and is now manager of Earl’s Pharmacy, part of the Rubicon group of pharmacies.

She has an amazing team of pharmacists that inspire her every day. She gushes that they are so incredibly caring and are always coming up with ways they can support the ideas that Hope’s Home may have. Michele states that “good enough is never good enough.” They are consistently working to go above and beyond, making a difference any way they can. She reminds us that you can get bogged down in the day to day, so every now and then it’s important to stop and remember what we do and how important it is. She reminds her crew every day that they have the gift of doing what many people will never do and how truly special that gift is.

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Heart Campaign Pharmacy Spotlight: VSCP

During our Heart Campaign, we’re taking the time to highlight the local pharmacies that work with us; ensuring our kiddos always receive the essential care they require.
Roses Stewart has spent 48 years in Prince Albert practicing as a pharmacist, 27 of those years as the owner of Victoria Square Compounding Pharmacy (VSCP). After just a few minutes of chatting with Roses, it’s clear how proud and invested she is in her own community. She passionately declares that she loves this community and the wonderful people in it.
A core value of Roses is contributing to the health and welfare of the community in whatever capacity she is able. She jokes that she contributes to anyone or any cause that needs it, but that’s far from a joke! From sports teams, arts and entertainment, horse-back riding teams, beach volleyball, the path around town (Rotary trail), to long-term care facilities, she’s had a hand in supporting many community efforts.
The building that houses VSCP has a state of the art compounding room, a decade ahead of its time. In fact, the compounding area is one of the best in all of North America. 😉 Adding to the health of the community, VSCP is also the home of a counselling practice.
As Hope’s Home’s local pharmacy in Prince Albert, VSCP works closely with us to ensure that medications for our kiddos are tailored to their specific needs and they are always there to answer any questions we might have. We are so thankful to Roses and her team for their expertise and support.
For the entire month of February you can purchase a heart for $2 in the name of a child, with VSCP matching donations in support of Hope’s Home. ❤
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Thank you to the City of Regina

Many of the programs we run continue because of generous donations, grants and funding opportunities. Our recreation program is one of those programs.

We don’t need to reiterate just how complicated this pandemic has made delivering programming, but these programs are vital to our community.

Our recreation program not only functions as a place for children and youth to grow, learn and have fun, but it also offers families a place of respite.

 In 2021, we received $15,000 towards the recreation program from the City of Regina Community Investment Grants Program. This grant allows us to deliver 812 hours of programming to children and youth with diverse needs.
812 hours filled with a sense of self-worth, social interaction, increased confidence and FUN.
Thank you so much to the City of Regina for the support you have provided in ensuring that against all odds, children and youth continue to thrive.













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Charity Golf Tournament

Our Charity Golf Tournament is BACK for the 9th year!

We are so excited to see you back in Prince Albert on June 24th. Start practicing your swing!

Where: Prince Albert, Kachur’s Golf Club
When: June 24th, 2022
Team Entry: $650
Contact: For more information, please contact Mickey MacGillivray (Fundraising Manager) at mmacgillivray@hopeshome.org.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the event please fill out our sponsorship form.
For team entries, please fill out or team form.

We can’t wait to see you!

Lucky the Leprechaun

This is Lucky the Leprechaun dropping in to let you know where you can find me this Leprechaun season! 🍀
I’ll be on the go all over Saskatchewan – Regina, Saskatoon, Warman and Prince Albert! My bags are packed and I’m ready to roll.
If I happen to appear on YOUR lawn, you can send me on my way by providing a donation to Hope’s Home! You can even purchase Leprechaun insurance to make sure I don’t come back. ☘️
If you want to see me at your business or home, reach out and let me know. I can always schedule an extra visit!
And if you happen to see me out and about, do me a favor and snap a photo – I’m looking pretty cute these days!
Use the hashtags #luckytheleprechaun and #hopeshome to spread awareness about Hope’s Home!
We’ll be following Lucky along on his journey and sending you updates as he goes. Follow on our Facebook Event page @HopesHomeInc!
Go Lucky!
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