5 Facts about hope's home

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Hope’s Home

Hope’s Home is much more than your typical daycare.

Our childcare services are more complex and our reach is province wide. If you only access childcare in Prince Albert, you might not even know that we have Early Learning & Childcare centres across Saskatchewan. Hope’s Home is proud of the growth our organization has seen over the years and we continue to pride ourselves in the environment we provide for not only our children, but our staff as well. With all that being said, you may be surprised by some of the 5 fun facts we are about to share. So let’s get reading!

1. We offer competitive salaries!

Many people assume our salaries and wages will be lower since we are a non-profit. However, all our wages (including our Licensed Practical Nurses!!) are very competitive with every other daycare centre, support home, and healthcare facility. It’s something we are really proud of. We also offer some very enticing career benefits. If you are interested in learning more, check our Careers page.

best childcare reginaTo add to our competitive salaries, we also offer a really great benefits package. Beyond the typical health and dental, we also offer paid time off (sick and vacation) for permanent full time employees, and a flexible schedule and remote working opportunities for our leadership team positions. There are so many other amazing benefits that a lot of people don’t expect at a non-profit.


2. We are a Saskatchewan wide non-profit, which is equals out to 385 kids in our care.

  • We have Supportive Living homes in both Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert – with a total of 25 kids with complex medical needs across the province who are in our care 24/7 and call us family.
  • We have four 90-space Early Learning & Childcare Centres across the province in Regina (2), Prince Albert, and Warman. That is 360 kids and approximately 250 families who access our services.

best daycare in regina3. We have went from 40 employees to over 300 in just 6 years. That’s a 650% increase in our number of staff!

Our organization has seen significant growth in its short life. Between full time, part time, and casuals, Hope’s Home is a busy place. And with our Supportive Living homes providing 24/7 care, our organization requires a lot of kind, hardworking, and enthusiastic employees!

4. Before Hope’s Home, we were the “Tisher Family Daycare.”

When our founder, Jacqueline Tisher, first got the idea to start a daycare for children with complex medical needs, it began out of her home; and she called it “Tisher Family Daycare.” Once her little home daycare began getting attention and interest, it expanded to become “Hope’s Home” – it received it’s charitable status shortly after.

5. The first child with complex medical needs to ever attend Hope’s Home turned 20.

Hope’s Home celebrated its 15th anniversary of caring for children with complex medical needs in November 2020. On one hand its been a whirlwind with how fast our organization has grown, and on the other hand it feels like forever because we can’t imagine a world where Hope’s Home doesn’t exist. So when we got the news that Ethan, the first medical kid to attend Hope’s Home, was graduating it was a pretty surreal moment. We cared for Ethan for the majority of his developing years and were there to help his family navigate the challenges that accompany having a child with complex medical needs. We are so happy to report that Ethan is thriving and doing so, so well. His graduation was such a huge milestone and we are very proud of him.


And those are the 5 fun facts!

Our non-profit organization has grown so much in its 15 years and we are so proud to serve the communities in Regina, Saskatoon, Warman, and Prince Albert. We love an opportunity for people to learn more about us and blog posts like this are perfect for it.

Did any of the 5 facts surprise you? If you have any other questions about our early learning & childcare centres or Supportive Living homes, make sure to leave a comment down below and let us know.