Goodbye 2020

A Look Back at 2020

2020 was a challenging year to say the least. Our organization was hit hard by having to cancel our largest fundraiser of the year and we faced some extra hard goodbyes to two beautiful boys. But we were also blessed with incredible community support and bright and hardworking staff members with a positive attitude.

So let’s take a look back at 2020 and reflect on all the wonderful things that did happen:

1. We started the new year by sharing our completed mini documentary on the Trudel’s and their little boy Thomas. This little boy was a huge inspiration to our organization and his community. If you missed it, click here.

The Trudel Family - a Hope's Home story

2. Our staff came together to support one another. We created our #WeHaveHope campaign to share all the wonderful things our staff were doing and our community were doing. Including businesses such as the Everyday Kitchen who donated $10,000 to not only us, but many other non-profits in the community!!

3. During a nation wide shortage of PPE, two companies came through to help us out. FCC donated procedure masks and Sleek Signs donated Face Shields. All to help keep our staff and kiddos safe.

We Have Hope Campaign Sleek Signs - Face Shields













4. During the midst of the pandemic, CN Railway came through with an extremely generous $20,000 donation. We created this video to say thank you.

5. Our staff remained positive through all the chaos by looking for the silver linings such as:

  • Being able to take on new roles and spend time with kids they normally wouldn’t.
  • Finding joy in the simple things such as planting gardens, going for walks, and enjoying all the fun that can be had in our own backyard.
  • Having time to slow down and appreciate time spent with family.
  • The joys of working from home!!

24 hour childrens home

6. Had more time to focus on new endeavors such as creating blog posts, improving our recruitment methods, and saying some extra special thank you’s to the amazing businesses that support us.

donor gratitude (1) donor gratitude (2)










7. We managed to still have some outstanding fundraising totals!!

Fundraiser ideas for non profits

8.And lastly, we celebrated a huge milestone for our organization – we turned 15!!

Hope's Home 15th Anniversary

We are looking forward 2021 with a positive mindset as we see light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine on its way. We are wishing all the best to everyone in the new year and hope it brings bigger, better, and brighter things.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Hope’s Home family!  
Tis the season for making magical memories with family and friends. It is a time to celebrate the joy, wonder and reflect on the challenges of 2020. What a year it has been! I am certain each one of us are looking forward to 2021 and hoping this new year will be different.
As we reflect, let us remember those that we have lost. My thoughts and prayers are with Kanye and Thomas’ families. It is very hard to lose someone you love. Especially when they are so young. May Christmas be a time of healing for each of you who carry the heartbreak of loving such precious souls. Be comforted in the fact you held the hands of angels and we are better people for it.
We are so blessed by the children of Hope’s Home and by the incredible caregivers that pour their heart and souls into the lives of others each day. Thank you so much for being the hands and voice of love and comfort for our future…our children.
I want to wish you a season filled with comfort, fun, happiness and magical moments with your loved ones. Hold each other tight and remember time is so precious. May 2021 be a year of hope and new beginnings!
God bless! Hugs and much love.
Jacqueline Tisher

Jena’s Story – Exploring New Opportunities for Nurses

For Jena Baldrey, a Nursing Supervisor at Hope’s Home, nursing wasn’t always the clear choice. After completing her degree and her practicum, she worried that this wasn’t the career for her. Then came Hope’s Home: an unexpected career opportunity that showed her that finding an organization to work for that is centered around passion, love, and holistic care was a much better choice.

Pre-Hope’s Home

I did not grow up wishing to be a nurse – in fact, it was a career choice made much later in life than expected. After I made the decision that this would be my path, pediatrics was the place I saw myself excelling and making a difference. The thought of working with children filled my soul and I knew it would be amazing and rewarding. When I did my first clinical in acute pediatrics at RUH in Saskatoon, I was so excited and hopeful. However, my perspective immediately changed after the first few days. I found the environment busy, overstimulating, and nurses and health care professionals were overworked and overrun with tasks, in turn being unable to provide the extra personal side of nursing that the children and families so desperately needed. Now, please do not get me wrong. I am in no way judgmental or critical of the work these amazing professionals do, I just had higher hopes for the outdated system of crisis management; and I thought the system should be recognizing that early intervention and holistic care is the recipe for overall wellness.

“I found the [hospital] environment busy, overstimulating, and nurses and health care professionals were overworked and overrun with tasks, in turn being unable to provide the extra personal side of nursing that the children and families so desperately needed.”

Upon graduation I began my career in the Prince Albert emergency department at the Victoria Hospital. I had been given such an amazing preceptorship with such great mentorship and guidance that I was so excited to start this new chapter, regardless of how far it was from the vision I saw for the healthcare system. I started out as a bright-eyed grad hoping to make a difference, but I jumped so fast with both feet that all too soon I began to get desensitized. The fast paced, adrenalizing pumping atmosphere that I had loved despite its challenges, quickly lost its appeal and my appreciation and job satisfaction became a distant memory. The hospital became an environment where safety was a secondary concern due to short or inadequate staffing. I went from feeling that I had found my long-term career “home” to losing a little piece of myself and losing sight of what I had entered into this profession for in the first place.

Enter Hope’s Home


“I have learned more about myself, my values, and what it truly means to advocate for those who can not advocate for themselves than I ever thought possible.”

A few short years later, after much banter back and forth, Nicole Cook gave me the amazing opportunity to become a part of Hope’s Home. This is where my love of pediatrics and making a difference in a broken system with a mix of community and acute care truly became my new home. Through Hope’s Home and the endless changes, innovation, and dreams of something better for children and families, is where I grew into the nurse and leader I am today. Although initially I did not understand the most important characteristics of an effective leader – hard work, determination and a bit of a lopsided understanding of work life balance – I launched into the Director of Operations at Hope’s Home in Prince Albert. It was not an easy road, nor is it today, however inspiring positive change and growth never is. But one thing I know for sure, it is very rewarding. I have learned more about myself, my values, and what it truly means to advocate for those who can not advocate for themselves than I ever thought possible. I have been given so many opportunities for growth and development because that is truly what Hope’s Home does – believe in and encourage their employees.

I came into this organization wanting to make a difference, and I realized that it takes a strong, amazing, and diverse group of individuals who can see beyond status quo to make a difference together. This team pushes past the societal norm to make this organization a true home for not only the children, but for the all the staff and Hope’s Home pioneers. I was lucky enough to be part of this journey where I was able to learn and grow from my shortcomings and alongside others, who despite what their background or education may be, taught me what it meant to truly love unconditionally and inspire others. I have seen many staff come and go and despite the reason or circumstance, I do not believe one has left without being touched in some way – either by the children, their colleagues, or just the whole philosophy behind Hope’s Home and Jaqueline Tisher’s vison. I changed my perspective in so many ways since I was a fresh RN Grad, and it has become my overall goal to become the most effective and influential leader, mentor, coach, and professional I can be. Not only for the personal satisfaction, but so that I might give back to the individual’s of this amazing place – to the children, the families, and of course to the staff who have taught and given me so much.


Jena Baldrey

Nursing Supervisor

Hopes Home Prince Albert


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Join in on our Hope the Hippo Fundraiser

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**Update: Our Hope the Hippo fundraiser closed on December 23rd, 2020, raising a grand total of $58,350 for our organization!! Thank you so much to everyone who played along and got involved. We are beyond grateful.


We have received more support than we ever could have imagined for our Christmas fundraiser campaign. Everyone is having so much fun, meeting Hope, sending her to their friends, and learning more about organization!

Fundraiser ideas for non profits

As you can tell, our little purple hippo took a fall and had to be replaced with a new hippo – Hank the Hippo!! Everyone is loving him all the same.

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