Swinging with the Stars

Have you ever watched the popular reality TV Show Dancing with the Stars? Swinging with the Stars takes eight of the cities top celebrities and pairs them each with a professional dancer. Together over the course of 2 months they rehearse a two-minute choreographed dance routine which will be performed on the evening of the gala.

A venue is booked and tickets are sold to excited fans of the dancers and charity. On the night of the gala, the crowd will enjoy a appetizers and drinks followed by an electrifying opening dance number to kick the evening off.

Following the opening number, each celebrity dance pair performs their routine to the loud cheering crowd. At the end of the night the crowd buys votes to support their favorite dance pair and the pair that receives the most votes is crowned the champion.

From humble beginning…to one of the most popular charity events in the province, SWTS has grown from making a small impact to helping hundreds of families. Our success could not of happened without the dedication of many!


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