Staff Testimonials

“Hope’s Home has been the only place I’ve worked since I came to Canada three years ago. Experiencing the tight hugs, comfort-needing cries, hearty laughs, everyday learnings and memorable milestones of these amazing kids makes my work here really priceless! On the days when changes and struggles are overwhelming, it’s always comforting to know that I am working with a team that shares the same goals and dreams. A team where everyone is family in a place where it always feels like home. It is a blessing!”

April, Physical Development Consultant

“Hope’s Home is my second family which makes coming to work easy because I get to spend my day with loved ones.  It is incredibly rewarding that I was given the opportunity to work with the children of Hope’s Home and I get to be a part of their lives and their accomplishments.  Hope’s Home is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, COMMUNITY, FAMILY, and most of all FUN! I couldn’t imagine my life without this place and these children and all the amazing aunties and uncles I get to work alongside.  It is an absolute blessing!”

Pam, Nurse Supervisor


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