The Story of Hope

Hope’s Home is named in memory of Hope Dawn Marie, a beautiful baby girl who lived her short life of ten months in the hospital. Born with spina bifida, Hope lived with the support of medical technology. In spite of her diverse medical needs she was a true inspiration to everyone who came in contact with her.

Hope had the amazing ability to win hearts with her incredible smile. From her birth, to neonatal, then onto the paediatric intensive care unit, she unknowingly touched a changed the lives of many people. With their first introduction, Hope stole the hearts of Jacque Tisher and her family. The Tisher’s became Hope’s foster family and prepared to take her home.

The Tisher family faced many challenges as they tried to find the necessary support they needed to safely care for Hope due to her very complex medical needs. The Tisher’s were never able to bring Hope home permanently due to the difficult processes involved in trying to gain the necessary support they needed. Because of this, Hope was held with heavy hearts as she passed away on February 3, 2004.

Because of Hope, the Tisher’s experienced firsthand the gaps in areas and support in the community that are essential for families taking care of children with complex medical needs in their homes.


Hope’s Home is excited to present
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