Board Chair’s Message

2017/18 was an exciting year for Hope’s Home. The organization grew substantially with the addition of new locations in Regina and Warman. This growth opportunitywas successfully undertaken by our dedicated team and has resulted in Hope’s Homewelcoming many new staff and children to our family. With these additions, Hope’sHome is now operating in 6 facilities in 4 communities with 230 staff caring for 380 children.

As I have the privilege of meeting with the team members at Hope’s Home I amalways impressed by their caring, compassion, and dedication. In my opinion, they are truly angels who want the best for the children. This is often validated in theconversations I have with parents whose children attend Hope’s Home, I appreciate hearing about the difference the services of Hope’s Home makes in their lives.

Focus areas during the fiscal year have included:

  • Organizational stability. Hope’s Home has grown over the past number of years,and the addition of the new facilities added to this growth. As a Board we recognize that while expanding our service offering to other communities and children is important, it is also important to grow at a pace that maintains our high quality for our current families.
  • Community outreach. Hope’s Home is still a relatively unknowncharity in our communities and through our fundraising andoutreach efforts we are able to introduce the Hope’s Home story toa number of new donors. I was particularly proud of the new Swinging with Stars event that brought together over 700 people who donated over $100,000 and left knowing much more about our organization. Additionally, we also received some excellent support from both individual and corporate donors throughout the year.
  • Partnership with government. Hope’s Home relies on thepartnership of many Ministries in order to deliver our services and I applaud the Management team for their focus on working closely with these stakeholders to ensure we have a strong and productive working relationship.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank the parents whochose to have your children attend Hope’s Home and I want to thankthe management and staff for their good work over the past year.

It is a pleasure to make a small contribution to an outstanding organization.


Todd Klink